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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And, we got the pleasure of having a quick chat with Wayne from Grander Australia. And as you can see in front of us, we've got the Grander rods. And, I'm quite passionate about these rods, coming from a water tank background all my life, and I wish I had these rods 20, 30, 40 years ago because I too would have like to have my water tank shiny clean inside, instead of full of garbage and gunk that most of them have grown over the years. - That's right, look them, the different rods are for different quantities of water.

So they can all go in rain water tanks depending on the sizes. And the effect on rain water tanks is very significant. Water today, you know, 20 years ago, you could drink rain water tanks comparatively safely. - Yep. - But today, it's a totally different thing, with our e. Coli testing, the sludge level testing, these rods are second to none. We haven't had a failure from cleaning tanks to the bacteria testing in tanks. Not a failure and so it's very important for those things. But then, we can also double those rods up into swimming pools.

So to sell swimming pool rods, typically the medium one for up to 50,000 liter pool. - [Rod] Yup. - We sell these on a daily basis to change from soap, chemicals, from all those sorts of things, to what we call fresh pools. - [Rod] Yeah, yeah. - And those fresh pools are like swimming in creek water. - [Rod] Wonderful. - And we absolutely guarantee them. We have not had one return on those rods since we've started in 22 years, not one return. - Beautiful, beautiful. - And that says it all. - Yeah, yep. - Because you can return them after a year if you want to. - [Rod] Yeah, yeah. - So that's a fairly significant thing.

The tiny rod can go for small domestic tanks. People end up putting them in little rain water tanks. Like two and three and 4,000 liter tanks. That tiny rod, at around $1,000.00 cost, it, it pays for itself in no time. I've got even people that are just using those rain waters for toilets and washing their clothes and they can tell the difference in those clothes by using that in there, as an extra. - [Rod] Yeah, mhmm, I bet. - The large rod, of course, is used in a lot of very commercial installation, from pond work to sewage to all sorts of things. - [Rod] A lot larger. - Yeah, a lot larger. 

Hence the size of them you can see. Yeah, this is my favorite on the end here. Be a very nice on the farm, taking care of our water and making sure that the fish in the marine and everything is just of uh, I would have the best quality water. Better growth rates and everything I'm sure so. - Absolutely, I think it's um.

The rod is so versatile as well. So that means, like I said, we have a lot of swimming pools in areas like Byron Bay, where they use the rod in the swimming pool most of the time, and once every few months they put it into their rain water tanks. Which keeps the rain water tanks from going anaerobic, or, in another words. - [Rod] Yeah, yeah. - And so, it's a very versatile piece of equipment. - Bringing water back to life and rain water tanks back to life. - [Wayne] Very important. - Just, rather than stratifying and slowly dying instead. That's it folks, so, look, they have an amazing device. Every product from Grander is just the most amazing thing I've ever come across in my lifetime.

And, if that's your situation, you've got water tanks and want them to be the best that they can be. Swimming pools and uh, swimming in grander water, I believe that there's something second to none apart from the old nice fresh river from when we were kids so uh, jump on the site we've got plenty of information on there for ya. And plenty of information from Wayne so have a look around jump on the phone if we can help ya in any way. But, very special way to stop chlorine in your swimming pool and just be swimming in the most beautiful water you can, thank you.