Grander Rods - Interview with Wayne from Grander [VIDEO]

We had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Wayne from Grander Australia about Grander Rods.

I’m very passionate about these rods, coming from a water tank background all my life, and I wish I had these rods 20, 30, 40 years ago. I, too, would have loved to have my water tank shiny clean inside, instead of full of garbage and gunk that most of them have grown over the years.

Here’s what Wayne had to say about the Grander Rods.

Grander Rods for Rain Water Tanks and Swimming Pools

All Grander Rods can go in Rain Water Tanks, depending on the sizes, and the results are astounding.

When it comes to E.coli, sludge and contaminants alike, the Grander Rod is second to none. We have never had a rod fail to deliver on correcting those issues.

Grander Rods For Fresh Water Swimming Pools are also a ‘piece of cake’ for the Grander. We sell Swimming Pool Rods that treat all the chemical and contaminants in pools without any issue.

We Guarantee The Grander Rod

Customers are making the switch from Salt and Chemicals to Grander daily.

We have not had one Grander Rod returned since we started 22 years ago, not one, and that says it all. You can return them after a year if you want to, and even still, we’ve never seen one come back. 

If you're interested in the science behind how the rod works, then check out How Grander Rods Work

The Tiny Rod is suitable for small domestic tanks of 2000-4000 litres, and the initial investment pays for itself in no time.

People are even using the Tiny Rod for toilets and washing their clothes, and they can tell the difference by the feel of their clothes.

The Large Rod can be used in commercial situations like ponds and sewage systems.

See the pond transformation: Grander Water for Ponds

The Grander Rod Is So Versatile

We have many customers in areas like Byron Bay that use the rod in the swimming pool most of the time, and once every few months, they put it into their rain water tank, which keeps the rain water tanks from going anaerobic.

The Grander Rod is a versatile piece of equipment that brings water and rain water tanks back to life instead of slowly dying.

Have a look at the Grander Rod Product Spotlight to learn more about the miracles this product can deliver and contact us if we can answer any questions for you. 

We’d be delighted to help.

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