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G'day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And we're lucky enough to be able to catch up with Wayne from Grander Australia again. I'll tell ya I'm very excited about this one, Wayne, because I've had the luxury of swimming in your swimming pool, and I'm not gonna beat around the bush. You know something that others don't know. And what I know is everybody in this country is swimming in super, super, super chlorinated swimming pools, plus all the acids and everything else they throw in.

Some people think they're doing well, so they got a saltwater pool, but they're still they're still throwing chemicals and all the stuff that goes into there. I grew up on the river, in fresh water, and I just think that that is the most amazing swimming experience of all time. And then I swim in all the pools around the place, I get out of the pool, and I stink, and I gotta have multiple showers to get that smell off you. But your pool is something I've never seen before, and you're gonna share it with us now. Tell us all about it, because it's something new to me. That's for sure. - Now, swimming pools, out of all the applications that Grander does around the country, from sheep farms to the pig farms, to whatever those farms are, to industry, to food products, to everything else, swimming pools excite me the most because they affect everyday mom and dads and children.

They really, really do. The other thing is the technology, the methodology that we've adopted in Australia for Australian conditions means we don't have any failures. None, none at all. We've been doing it for 25 years and we have a complete warranty. If you bought the equipment off us and 12 months time you said it didn't work for you, you would get all your money back. No other company can do that. We can because we absolutely know you're never gonna want your money back. Because you just don't. So, basically, the whole principle of it is that it works more on the biologics of water rather than chemicalization and filtration, so we're relying, in effect, on probiotics and bacteria to do the job. Given that, we also have the freshest, cleanest clarity that you can imagine. The structured water within the pool system is a natural floc. That means, a lot of people put alum and other products in there to get the rubbish out, the debris, the dust particles.

This all drops to the bottom of our pools naturally, and that is why they're sparkling. Have noticed how sparkling they were? And then you've got the added benefit of it being simplistic, if you like, very simplistic. The Grander water conditioner, the rod lasts for ever, indefinitely. The sanitizer dose has little maintenance. It has a few tubes to replace once a year. It is so simple, and the pool water stays biologically clean, like I said. So, basically, no other chemicals are used in our process which is very unusual.

This is not normal within a pool confine. It doesn't work that way. - No, I understand that, because we used to put water into a tank as kids, and it was beautiful fresh water, rain, oh boy, you know what I mean. And now those wouldn't last wouldn't last long, obviously. But that's my export with fresh water, and that's what people can do now if they wish. They can actually convert their swimming pools or get a new swimming pool and just get rid of the chemicals and have a beautiful experience of swimming in a structured water swimming pool. - I must say that, in Australian conditions, the Grander technology probably works to the ultimate, and I can't say in other countries what they're doing as regards chemical. But here, we've got the climate that suits this water conditioner. That's why we have so many more pool builders coming to us on a weekly basis to get a true fresh water pool. Most fresh water pools, and no disrespect to anybody, they're still adding a lot of different types of chemicals. Our endeavor is not to do that, and that's what we've achieved. But when you don't have to shower after a swim, you can drink the water, literally drink the water. My grandchildren drink the water every time they get in there. There is no smells. In fact, there'd be more smell in your shower or in your drinking water tap than out of our pools.

Now, I was surprised because I've had a little history with pools, and I've got quite a few family members that have normal swimming pools. And you go into their shed, and there's chlorine, and this and that, and the testers, and the salt, you name it. On your shelf there wasn't too much at all there. So, it's a bit sneaky. There's not much going into that pool at all. - I think the other huge thing is the environmental impact on the swimming pools and chemicals going down sewage pipes, stormwater drains, and things like that. Literally, you could backwash this water, which we do everyday when we need to, and it goes straight on the lawn. So, basically, there is no contamination. You can put it in a rainwater tank and drink it. You can definitely grow your gardens and things like that. So, that eliminates this whole environmental impact. Regardless of how good it is for your health and everything else, it's also good for the environment.

Right, that's unreal. So, just fresh water to swim in, the biologics has taken care of the bugs and anything that would happen within that water column, and you just apply or do whatever your little system is that you've got setup for people, which is very cheap, very easy. You've got your system to help them after the sale and stuff like that. So, they just follow the process on the installation that we'll show in another video, obviously, and they're away. Cuts their time down on looking after the pool. There's very little going to the pool shop and getting massive amounts of trolleys full of chemicals and stuff like that. It's just all gone. And go for a swim instead. - And you came up with a good point there. I think the Grander in Australia has a complete, what we call,

Grander Pool Center. That means you can ring us, not 24 hours a day, but you can ring us five days a week and get any information you'd like. So, you might get a pool tester, you don't know what to do with it. We're there on the phones and we advise. Again, that's unique to Grander System. - I understand. So, when they buy their product, you're basically gonna be there for them forever to take care of them if they ever did have an issue. But my discussions with you is, is there's not too many issues. - Normally the first few months there might be bits of pieces of going backwards and forward between us. But after six months, we also send out, four times a year, the handy hint system, where season change might need this or that. But basically, you get to know how to run it very, very quickly. It's so simple, so simple. - Well done, mate. I'm sold. So, we might even get another swim this afternoon. Look, folks, that's it. I've never, ever, ever swum in such magnificent swimming pool in my life. So, if you really want to get rid of the chemicals, save the red eyes, and just take your swimming pool experience to the next level, take a look on the webpage, get a little Grander System, and Wayne will be able to help you out in the team. And good luck to you, because you'll be very happy you did. Thanks very much..

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