Grander water for Swimming Pool - Interview with Wayne from Grander [VIDEO]

We had the privilege of catching up with Wayne from Grander Australia to chat about the Grander Swimming Pool.

Grander Swimming Pools

Out of all the Grander applications, swimming pools affect everyday mums and dads and children.

The methodology adopted in Australia for Australian conditions means that we don't have any failures. Absolutely none.

We've been doing it for 25 years, and we have a complete warranty. If you bought the equipment off us and in 12 months you said it didn't work for you; you would get all your money back.

No other company can do that, but we can because we know you’ll never want your money back; that’s how confident we are.

How Does It Work?


The Grander Swimming Pool Rod works on the biologics of water rather than chemicalisation and filtration. We’re relying on probiotics and bacteria to do the job.

The structured water within the pool system is a natural floc, which means many people put alum and other products in there to get the rubbish, debris, and dust particles out, and it all drops to the bottom of our pools naturally; and that is why they're sparkling!



The Grander Water Rod lasts forever and requires little maintenance.

It has a few tubes to replace once a year, and the pool water stays biologically clean simply through the work of the Grander Rod itself.

No other chemicals are used in the process to revitalise and treat the water.

The Grander Rods can be used to filter and revitalise swimming pools.

No more chemicals and chlorine.

The Grander technology works like a dream in Australian conditions because we've got the climate that suits this water conditioner. That's why we have so many more pool builders coming to us every week to get a true freshwater pool.

Most freshwater pools, and no disrespect to anybody, they're still adding many different types of chemicals.

Our endeavor is to avoid that, and that's what we've achieved.

Barely Anything Is Added To The Pool


You don’t need to shower after a swim, and you can drink the pool water. Literally!

My grandchildren drink the water every time they get in there!

There are no smells. There’d be more smell in your shower or your drinking tap than out of our pools.

I was surprised because I've got some history with pools and got quite a few family members with regular swimming pools, and when you go into their shed, there’s chlorine and all sorts of chemicals and testers.

While on our shelf there’s barely anything.

Great For The Environment

The other fantastic thing about Grander For Swimming Pools is that it’s great for the environment. With no chemicals going down drains and sewage pipes, there is barely any impact on the environment at all.

You could even backwash this water, which we do every day when we need to, and it goes straight on the lawn.

You can grow your gardens with it.

You can put it in a rainwater tank and drink it!

Easy Installation

Installing a Grander Rod for Your Swimming Pool is very simple, and in most cases, very quick.

So, if you want to get rid of the chemicals, save the red eyes, and just take your swimming pool experience to the next level, take a look at the Grander System.

Talk to us if we can be of any help.

For more, check out the Grander Collection.

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