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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today; and we're lucky enough to be able to catch up with Wayne. Wayne from Grander Australia; and what we're gonna do today is have a talk about the Grander Rods, and in particular the Grander Rods when they're introduced into a rainwater tank. Okay, up until now people have mostly been accustomed to using UV lights and maybe fine filtration.

Nowadays with the advancement of Grander and the trials that are being done and what's been going on, we're now getting very confident and you know a lot about the Rods and the tanks and stuff lot and have had a lot of success with them nowadays, it's a much better way of people to go because the UV's are killing all the bacteria flowing through the water lining to the home that they're gonna drink, and Grander obviously promotes the good bacteria's and gets through the bad ones and that's what us human beings need.

Yup, we're really excited about the rainwater tanks because, you know, it's been a contentious issue. Whether you drink tank water or you drink town water or vice versa. But with the Grander system what we do is we even out the playing field, so that means that tank water is no longer considered, you know maybe bacterial problems and things like that, taste problems and those sorts of things but Grander helps to structure the water so structured water has a higher Oxygen content which makes the probiotics or bacteria work more aerobically.

We all want that Oxygen level and it makes it so that we are more confident than using UV's and Ozone's and things like that which have their problems as well. The only thing to remember is probiotics or bacteria, it's not a light switch situation, you're not chemicalising it, you're actually treating the water over time helping to remove sludge from the bottom, absolutely; and stabilizing the water that's in there. Remembering that 5 million bacteria sit on a pinhead, you can imagine it's not the water we're treating so much, it's all the surface area, the tanks and things like that. And so that's very important facts. I understand, yeah, yup. So, we're basically just getting hold of the Grander Rod, lowering it into our water tank, the signals being emitted from the rod throughout the water. So normally the water in that tank will be stratifying over time, losing oxygen. 

Exactly. - Bacteria's building and growing in the leaves and the debris on the bottom of the tank and the walls; but then once we put in the Grander Rod, maybe if it's an old tank we might want to suck all of the leaves and debris off the bottom to have a new start but it's a relatively new tank and we're good to go. We can simply hand the Rod into the tank, the signal is emitted from the Rod. It keeps the tank nice and clean inside. The waters alive and moving around, oxygenated. The bugs aren't growing because there's plenty of oxygen in the water so we've only got good bacteria, and then that just flows through the pipeline. The pipeline ends up being the same as the tank with good bacteria growing throughout it; and so it can generally flow right through the whole home.

No switches need turning off, there's no power, there's no anything. The tanks clean and looked after, it just sounds like a beautiful way to go. - It is, and like you said, it's something that doesn't happen over night. - Yes. So, if we need to, you know, clean a dirty tank first gives a better starting point. In all our experience over many, many years the Grander helps to reduce sludge dramatically. - Right - And I think we've got some photo's of that to show how dramatically it does reduce sludge. But, you know at the end of the day It's all about health. Is it healthy for you? And the answer is absolutely yes. And of course a bacteria test will prove that .

Given a bit of time to balance out the type of biologics that are at work in the tank. So, we can say with all positiveness that we haven't had a failure in a rainwater tank, biologically over that period of time. - I understand, I've seen those graphs and charts, and it was basically that there was bacteria in the tank, the Grander was applied. The bacteria did shoot up at first, I must admit, and then once it did that, it actually went in a straight line to zero and then it just stayed in zero forever. So, there was no bacteria in the tank ever again once the Grander was applied. Now, we obviously sell water filters in all shapes and sizes and I've been making rain water tanks since I was 12 years old, and there is always bacteria, you know. Different levels, you know, we used to do the plate counts and check for it and stuff like that, and it goes up and down but there's always bacteria. I've never heard of no bacteria, so obviously the Grander's working... - Well, we can't say it's no bacteria, I must correct that because there's always gonna be good or bad bacteria. It's whether the oxygen levels are correct, so if you get leaf in there or if you get pollution in there we expect that bacteria to perform and then dissipate and that's the whole point of it. - Yes, right.

So that it can clean up. So, biologics is really important to your body, to your tank, it's all the same thing. - I understand. - And that water conditioner, because it works on highly structured, permanently highly structured water. Then, it stabilizes over that period of time. That's the secret to Grander. Permanently structured water.

Right, and now you're gonna see Dr Robin McAllen and Prof Paul like to know that us human beings must have restructured, revitalized water for optimum health, so that's definitely the angle we all should be taking. So, the Grander Rod in the tank, tanks happy, tanks clean, good biologics, good bacteria, it's agreeing with us, it's agreeing with our tummy's. Every bodies healthy and feeling great. I've been on Grander a long time and feeling great, and then we might just put filter, carbon filter or something, the point of use drinking.

Maybe to... - What we always recommend is a first flush. That's really, if you're going to be living on Grander water, a big safety factor for the highs and lows is really try and have a first flush system because the amount of rubbish that comes off your roof when it first rains, that first flush is the one thing we recommend plus your filters. - Understand, I'm with you there, so, straight off the gutter folks, Wayne says, a first flush before the water enters the tank. When the first flush drain is there, shed all the leaves, big sediment, stuff like that.

That saves, it doesn't even flow into the tank. Got a beautiful tank there that's not collecting any debris, in with the Rod, tanks happy, through the home. Drinking water filled with some Carbon and polished up drink it before point of use and every bodies happy. It's a great way to do it, beautiful mate. Thank you very much. - Thank you Rod - Alright, that's it folks. Take a look at that, have a look at the site and give us a call if we can help you in any way, but this is my choice for taking rare rain water tank, So, good luck to you.

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