[VIDEO] Grander for Water Tank - Interview with Wayne from Grander

The Grander Rod works by restructuring the water to hold more oxygen. In the presence of more oxygen, bacteria falls away, and the water comes alive.

The process involves lowering a Grander Rod into your water tank. Then the signal from the grander water inside the Grander unit transmits the signal throughout the water, causing it to restructure itself to contain more oxygen. In turn, the water rebalances the good and bad bacteria balance all by itself.​​

You can read more about How The Grander Rod Works in our learning centre.

More Oxygen In The Water

Without a Grander Rod, tank water just stratifies over time, continually losing oxygen.

What usually happens with most Rain Water Tanks is that bacteria builds up and grows freely in the leaves and the debris on the bottom of the tank and the walls.

Suppose you’ve got an old tank; you might need to empty it and give it a good clean or dose it with Hydrosil.

Other than that, if you’ve got a relatively new tank, you should be right to drop the Grander Rod in and off you go.

It keeps the tank nice and clean inside by keeping the water oxygenated.

The bugs aren't growing because there's plenty of oxygen in the water, so we've only got good bacteria, and then that just flows through the pipeline through the house sending water with good bacteria into your home.​​

We can say with certainty that we haven't had a failure in a rainwater tank yet.

Understanding The Water In Your Tank is important too. Be sure to check out article if you're still on the learning journey. 

Always Use a First Flush

We always recommend using a ‘first flush’.

If you're going to be living on Grander water, a significant safety factor is to have a first flush system because of the amount of rubbish that comes off your roof when it first rains. That first flush is the most important thing we recommend as a line of defence for your health, plus a water filter.

When you’ve got the first flush in place, all that terrible debris doesn't even flow into the tank.

Cleaning a dirty tank first will, of course, give it a better starting point, but in all our experience over many, many years, the Grander Rod helps to reduce sludge dramatically when dropped into your water tank.

Our team are available to answer any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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