Grander Whole House System Product Spotlight

Hello folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. I'd like to introduce you to the fantastic Grander Whole House Unit! The Grander Whole House Units are the ultimate in domestic water quality. They come in three different sizes. Half-inch for a small dwelling, a three-quarter-inch for a three-by-one bathroom home or a one-inch for a four-by-two bathroom or larger home.



Revitalised Water

The Grander Whole House unit not only creates restructured, revitalised drinking water from every tap in your home; its remarkable properties reach far beyond drinking water. From the bathroom to the at-home spa, the Grander Whole House Unit revitalises your shower and bath water to create a bathing or showering experience like no other.

Lady drinking grander water

Grander Shower Experience

Grander shower and bath water create softer, shinier hair, and smoother skin and you use less shampoo, conditioners, and soaps. The Grander Whole House Unit is also a win for your laundry and other home appliances. You require less detergent using Grander water, and your clothes become softer and last longer, especially if you live in a challenging water area.

Lady scrubbing her back in the shower

Protection for your Home

The Grander Whole House Unit is like giving your home's water pipes, and appliances are cleaned from the inside out. It prevents scale build-up within your lines and on your heating element in your hot water system and reverses that scale build-up inside your washing machines, dishwashers, and other water-based appliances.


It can cost up to 800 dollars more to live in a hard water home than a soft water home. And the Grander Whole House Unit will save you time, money, and give you the peace of mind that your family and your appliances will run smoothly and not fail prematurely.

Better Water for your Garden and your Pets

If you have pets or a garden, they are about to get a lot happier. Pets love Grander water over-chlorinated town scheme water, and your garden will create more prominent, beautiful flowers and plants with greater yields using less fertiliser and chemicals. They will be more resistant to the bugs and bacteria that can attack your garden.

Botanical Garden

Other Remarkable Uses

Grander is used in large scale agriculture and horticulture. We interviewed Wayne from Grander Australia, where we talk about the Grander Whole House Units in more detail.

Healthy Plants

Warranty Information

They are all maintenance-free with no ongoing running costs, and they come complete with a full five-year manufacturers warranty. So if you want to create the best water you can for your home, then our Whole House Grander Unit may be for you. Restructured, revitalised water is a fantastic way to go. Go for a Grander home. Enjoy.

Go ahead and visit our Youtube page to know more about the wonderful benefits creating the best water you can.

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