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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're doing is having a look at the new H2O1 shower filter, okay? Now, the situation is, they're here to stop skin irritation and itchiness in the shower. Alright? And we've tested 'em, we've check them out. The residual chlorine, zero test result. Skin irritation test result is 0.0. United States, FTA-certified, and they're good to go. Alright? As you can see, I've got one connected up on the top here. And in one end here, there's a micro-filter, just to stop any sediments and rust that come from your pipework, etc. And then inside there's the vitamin C for neutralizing the chlorine, and creating the softer hair and skin, to help preventing your hair from changing color from the chlorine. There's pure olive oil for moisturizing your skin and your hair. There is snail slime in here for skin repair, to repair the damaged skin. Acne care.

There's milk powder in them for skin rejuvenation. There is trehalose, for hair and skin rejuvenation, prevents the skin from dehydrating. Basically has an aromatherapy effect, to create a relaxing shower experience. It's 100% food-grade ingredients, and they come in flavors of sweet peach, grapefruit, black cherry musk, ylang ylang iris, and then the aqua blue lemon, okay? It's a bit of a stylish design, if you can see. They're pretty nice and neat. Do about 7,200 litres. Last about two to three months for a family.

So you can do the sums back from there, if it's just yourself or a couple, gonna last much longer, obviously. They'll save you money, and time, and frustration with your hair care, and your hair and your skin. And they're a great idea. They're a great gift idea, if you want to give one to someone, or a friend, or a birthday present, etc. Light and portable, fit in your handbag, take on your travels, or anything like that. Easy to connect up in a shower, you know, in a motel room anywhere. And they even come with a pet shower filter. It's a coconut flavor. Your pets just hate that chlorine as well, they just do not like it. And even for the children, the kids. The kids have got the baby shower filter. It's 100% food-grade ingredients, and you've got the choice of strawberry or no fragrance at all. So, here, take a look at them, and cheers. I hope you do well. Thanks very much.