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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again, and what we're going to do, is have a look at the new H2O1 Shower Filter. okay, and we're going to install this one here, onto the shower, on the shower hose, and just give you a look at how it goes, alright? So obviously we peel the label off, off with the top, alright. There is a little instruction in here, but you'll have to be good at Korean language with that one. And here we go, that's all we get.

Alright, but this is the baby that we are looking for here. Alright as you can see, it's all sealed up in a packet ready to go. I'm just gonna unwrap it on out. Here he is, okay. Aqua Blue Lemon, okay. Great size, we're just gonna half inch BSP thread on that end, female on there, okay. Now a common place to install these is just gonna be here on the shower head.

So if you're traveling or you go away or anything like that, very easy position to put it on there. So we're just going to jump on here now, we're going to connect it on here, alright, and we'll have a look how he's going. So the first thing we want to do obviously is take the shower head off. Pretty simple with these hose shower heads. Off we go. Straight on there, okay.

Do it as tight as we can, alright. Shower head in to the top. That's tight, and there we go. There we have it folks, basically from there, we go back up into the shower hose, and, uh, water is falling from a higher height, there's no doubt about that, it's definitely elevated it, but uh, it's going to stop the chlorine which is your aim, does seem to have a nice fragrance to it, and from here you're basically just turning the water on, I would turn it on and I'd let it flush for a minute or two, just to have it operating and working and getting going and then away you go. okay, so water on, and as the water passes through the filter, it's gonna neutralize the chlorine and add the good additives that's in these, and you'll have a beautiful shower coming out of the top.

Following that, we can take him off here again quickly. Put this shower head back together, we'll put it back up there in the cradle. okay, I'll just grab a crescent. Snake him off there. This goes straight onto the shower hose, as you can see the good nice neat threads go on pretty well, okay. Actually, a trick for beginners. Like that.

Goes on there, sometimes folks when you connect these to the base, it will depend on the setup, and the depth off of the wall, you can always just come onto this one here, and just put in a bit of an adaptor on there, so a bit of an extension, just a female to male half inch BSP connection or a nipple, put on there, and that will just bring the shower head off the wall a little bit for you.

So you can bend the shower head right there and you will see on this one here, it's actually hitting against the wall, but, just trip the bunnings and grab a nice little extender there, it will bring the shower off the wall then you've got to bend your head right down nice and low, wherever you want it, and uh, you will be good to go. But that's it, as you can see it's light, it's plastic covering and it's easy to transport or take anywhere, so, use it at home, or take it away with you, motel units and things like that, very easy just to rip the shower head off the shower hose, and you'll be good to go. Enjoy, thank you.