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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and here we are in the bathroom at the bath to install a Bath Ball filter, okay? Stop the chlorine in the water, take care of the kids. And we've just unwrapped the packet and this is what you'll see when you open it up, it's all ready to go. You've got the bath holder. This is the Bath Ball itself. And it's just the criss cross hangers on the top, hangs off the holder. When you've gotta change your cartridge you just take the top off like so. There's the cartridge, replacement Bath Ball cartridge. 30 baths at least before you need a new one. It's as simple as you change the cartridge just like that.

I'm gonna hook him on and hold it and run the water through it. So here we go. Now we just take our time, it's quite a simple process. And it's all Velcro, so very easy and very strong. We open him up, as you can see it's got a double Velcro. So we're gonna wrap the white strap on first and lock it on. At that point in time it's universal so it's got quite a lengthy white Velcro strap so it can be used on bigger taps and other taps or a few wraps or whatever you might need to secure it properly.

But once you've got it in place, if you've got any Velcro left over you can just simply snip it off with the scissors, okay? But it's pretty simple, we just reach out over the bath and that's the position that we want it to go in and then the Bath Ball will just hang down underneath, okay? So to start with, get the white Velcro strap, try and lock it on as tight as you can. And I went and cut this one today. We'll just fold it back there at the right fitting. Then we get the black.

Wrap it around as tight as you can. Not too hard at all, okay? So we wrap him on there, got the holder underneath. I can't pull it off, you know, it's locked on there, it's good and solid. Know how strong Velcro is. Like so. Get a Bath Ball. We just hang it on underneath.

Simple as that. Turn the tap on, water runs through, gets treated as it goes through the Bath Ball, falls out the bottom into the bath. I guess the only tip I could probably give you is the slower water goes through any filter, the better the water will be filtered on the other side. So if you want to get the best chlorinated-free bath, just run the water in steady, steady. Take your time. And give it the best shot through the filter.

And I work the trade and they do work, and I highly recommend them. Thank you very much.