How do you kill bacteria in a water tank? [VIDEO]

Since the early 1900s, Chlorine has been used to clean public water supplies and has dramatically reduced the number of deaths and illnesses caused by waterborne diseases.

For those living on their own water supply, a different approach is required.

How Do You Treat Your Rainwater Tank, Bore Water Or Water Pipes For Bacteria And Viruses?

HydroSil ULTRA is the alternative to chlorine-based chemicals.

When you use HydroSil to purify your rainwater tank or pipes, you can expect no chlorine taste - only the freshness of clean water. It is antibacterial and antifungal, and once it has destroyed harmful pathogens, it leaves behind nothing but oxygen and water.

HydroSil takes care of pathogens like parasites, bacteria and algae by oxidising them.

HydroSil is perfect for galvanised tanks.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick With E.coli.

We’ve had customers come to us with E.coli and other bugs growing in their tank or in the water lines to their home. Sometimes they didn’t even know where the bugs were, but they consumed the water and fell violently ill.

How Do You Disinfect Your Water Tank And Pipework?

Generally, people opt for a solution which involves installing an UltraViolet light to treat the whole home.

This is a great idea and will stop any more bugs flowing along the waterline out of the water tank, but there is still more work to be done to fix this issue properly.

Let’s imagine that we have a rainwater tank, and we have a home, and somewhere along that line we're going to install a UV water filter system.

Once the UV system is installed, bugs will not bypass it. However, if we only put the UV system halfway to the house and the bugs have colonised throughout the pipes in the home (even all the way to the kitchen taps), the bugs will still be alive and well throughout the pipework after the UV light. They'll continue to grow and breed, and the UV light will not work to keep you safe and healthy from sickness.

How To Treat Bacteria And Viruses In Your Whole Water System?

Dose the system with HydroSil Ultra!

One way of treating not just the rainwater tank, but the pipework in your entire home is to dose the system with HydroSil Ultra.

We use 200 millilitres for every 1,000 litres you put into the tank. Simply pump it throughout the entire water system and leave it there for at least 40 minutes in between dosing.

That will kill any bugs and bacteria in the pipeline.

Once you’ve done that, you can start up the UV system, and all the bugs in the whole system will be dead. If there are any bugs in the new water coming through, they will be exterminated by the UV light.

There you have it, the problem is solved, and you’re back to drinking and showering in crystal clean water.

Have a great day.

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