[VIDEO] HydroSil ULTRA: How to treat your rain water tank, bore water or water pipes to kill bacteria and viruses


G'Day folks Rod  from My Water Filter here today.

What I want to do is spend a minute with you and now just have a chat here to you about the HydroSil.

It's the product that we use for killing bugs in the water in untreated water water tanks things like that. Now a lot of times customers will come to us and they've got e.coli or bugs growing in their tank or in the water lines to their home.

Sometimes they might not even know where the bugs are but they're consuming the water they've got violently ill and they need to do something about it.

Generally people say okay, what we need to do is install a ultraviolet light for the whole home which is a great idea. It will definitely stop any more bugs flowing along the waterline out of the water tank.

So let's suggest that we have a rain water tank, and we have a home. And somewhere along that line we're going to install a UV water filter system.

Once we install the UV water filter system what that will do it will stop any bugs bypassing the UV light but if we only put the UV system halfway to the house and the bugs have been colonized and living all throughout the pipes and all throughout the pipework in the house even all the way to the kitchen taps the pipe work after the UV light The bugs are still.

They'll continue to grow and breed and the UV light would not have a lot of effect and you're still going to be very sick.

So one way of stopping that is to dose the system with HydroSil ultra what we do it's  dose that  200 mils for every 1,000 liters you put into the tank you pump it throughout the home water filter pipe work system and we leave it there for at least 40 minutes in between dosing that
will kill any bugs and  bacteria in the pipeline.

Then you start up the UV system all the bugs in the whole system are dead. Any new water coming through, if bugs colonizing the water tank again.

After that as they come through they'll hit the UV light they'll  be exterminated and killed.

And you'll have good clean bacteria-free bug-free water flowing into the home for yourself, the kids, everybody is sharing and drink and you'll be good to go.

Thank you very much