How To Install A Benchtop Water Filter In Your Laundry [VIDEO]

In this article, we’ll show you how to install any Benchtop Water Filter to a laundry tap.

If you are in a situation where you can’t install your water filter to the kitchen sink, you can also install it in the laundry and use jugs or bottles to take it into the kitchen for the family to drink.

This is especially true for Benchtop Reverse Osmosis System’s. While they make very nice water, the downside is that they are a lot slower at filtering the water. In many homes, a benchtop reverse osmosis system just can’t keep up with the family’s usage so you can install it in your laundry and use it to fill large vessels for your family to drink from.


      1. Turn off the cold water tap.
      2. Have a towel ready in case water drips out of the hose.
      3. Unscrew the cold water hose connection.
      4. Keep it upright, and don’t let the sneaky thing drop down behind your washing machine. You’ll notice there is a three-quarter female and a three-quarter male thread on the tap. This is where your washing machine adapter comes into play. Once the washing machine adapter is connected to the tap, a John Guest tap is screwed into the side to divert the water to your water filter.
      5. Push the washer supplied into the bottom seat of the washing machine adapter.
      6. Wrap some thread tape around the thread of your cold water tap clockwise.
      7. Wrap some thread tap around the male fitting on your washing machine adapter.
      8. Screw the washing machine adapter onto your cold water tap.
      9. Screw the cold water hose onto the bottom of your washing machine adapter.
      10. Apply some thread tap to the half-inch fitting on the John Guest tap.
      11. Make sure there is no tape blocking the hole.
      12. Screw the John Guest tap into the side of the washing machine filter until tight.

Attach The Water Filter To The Tap

      1. Pull the hose out of the water filter diverter.
      2. Take the nut off the hose and screw it back into your diverter for safekeeping.
      3. Snip the end off the water pipe so you can connect it properly to your John Guest tap.
      4. Push the water pipe into the John Guest tap.
      5. Turn on the cold water.

Now you are ready to flush your cartridges if you haven't already, and start using the water filter.

When you want the water to flow to your water filter, just turn on the John Guest tap.

If you need to remove the water pipe from the John Guest tap for any reason, simply push in the collar and pull on the hose. Click here to see a video guide.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

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