[VIDEO] How to install a Benchtop Water Filter in your Laundry

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're going to do is just have a look at a bench top connection, okay. Now this can be any bench top water filter where you use the normal diverter. So, normally in the kitchen sink, on the spout from the kitchen tap, you just take the aerator off and then we apply or install, screw-on this little diverter and it works in your kitchen fine. Sometimes, if it`s a very old tap, maybe it's a very new tap, there are some very nice designs coming to this country nowadays and we can't always connect on to them; some of the fancy ones.

So, in that case, if you still want to get good, pure drinking water for yourself and your home, and you can't get into the kitchen, then you can still come out the laundry. And this is actually a very popular set up with the bench top reverse osmosis systems, 'cause they do tick away slowly. Sure, I agree they do make very nice water, but they are slow to create the water. So, a lot of people have come to the laundry and they'll connect up on the washing machine taps like we're about to in a minute.

Then you can put your containers in the sink so if you do forget it, it's not overflowing and making it spill your water anywhere it`s just collected and goes down the drain. So, what I`ll do is give you a look what`s going on here. Now, first thing, obviously I`ve turned the cold water tap off and I`ve put a towel here just `cause there`s bound to be a little bit of waters gonna to come out of here. So, I`ll just unscrew this now. It`s got a bit of thread on, but she`s coming down. Hang in there for a sec.

Beautiful. Okay. Not a lot of water, the hose will still be full. I`ll just leave it and keep it upright like that and we`ll be good to go. Okay. So, that`s basically it. Now what we`ve got here, is a three quarter female and a three quarter male thread on the tap. Okay. This one isn`t going to fit, it`s just not the right size. So what we`ve got here is the adaptor. Okay. The washing machine adaptor and as you can see, three quarter female go up on, three quarter at the bottom connect on to the hose and we got a little side thread there and that`s where we`re going to install a little John Guest tap. Okay. So, it`s a very, very easy situation, this one.

But, what we`re going to do, we do want put it on as we go, so washer in the top push him down on to the bottom seat and that`s good to go. Okay. Out with the tread tape. Just going to wrap some thread tape around this thread here. Now when you wrap the tread tape on, wrap it on clockwise, the same way that we`re going to screw this adaptor on in a second. Okay. So, just bear with me and I`ll put the tread tape on. Okay, a bit rough today, but we`ll get that on there. And we`ll get the second part here.

We`ll put some thread tape on here, on the male fitting. Once again, first wrap`s the hardest just to lock the tape on, once you done that you`re good to put a couple of wraps around. Alright. There we go. So we`re going to screw this adaptor straight on to this thread here. There we go. And, he`s up tight. I might just leave it on that angle so it`s not easy for you to see. And then the washing machine connection just goes straight back on. We do it up tight. Beautiful. And, as you can see, that`s how easy it is.

Just straight on and she`s ready to go. Obviously, we can`t turn it on yet `cause it`s going to leak, but we`ll just get a little bit more thread tape and I`m gonna apply that around the thread of a little half inch fitting here. Okay. Make sure there`s none wrapped over the front, blocking the entry; we have a nice hole all the way through. And this is just an on off, John Guest tap, brilliant little taps, alright. Now that it`s installed on there, we`re able to just run this little John Guest tap in the side. And then we just screw him up, until that one`s tight. Okay, obviously in line is on and around to the left there is off. Okay. Alright, install. Now what we`re going to do, is get this water filter ready to connect.

And you`ll see that it`s just a simple lock on the end there. Pull that one off. A pair of scissors would be great. Lock that one on there. Okay. And we`ll leave that one for next time. Now what we`re going to do, I just nipped the end off that one because it`s got a big bulb on it from being connected to the fitting, but I`ll just nip the end off of here and basically, that connection, let`s just push him straight in; goes in about one and a half centimeters. And as you can see, you don`t just pull those things out.

Alright, that just will not come out. That`s in there and that`s sealed. What we`re going to do now, is we`ll turn the cold water back on, turn on the tap and the water`s just going to flow through that filter. And it will just keep pouring through the washing machine pipe at the back here. That`s obviously live, there`s no tap on that line, nothings stopping it, so the washing machine, on and off, works exactly the same as it always did. Water flowing straight through the block and then when you want the water to come out of your water filter, even if the washing machine`s going, nothing matters, washing machine`s going.

And by this stage, you`ll probably get this little water filter like that, you`ll just come over, turn on your tap and you`ll let that beautiful, filtered water pouring out into the sink. If it`s a reverse osmosis you got sitting here or anything like that, same thing applies. We`ll just come along, turn on the tap, water will start to run. When your jugs, bottles are full, you`ll turn it off she`s all over; done like that. If you do need to remove this pipe you`ll see that there`s a collar on here. So you get your thumb and slide it along the pipe and just push that collar in, push that collar in to the little tap, while you hold it in.

That will pull straight out. Okay. You push it in, you just can`t pull it out. It will not pull out. You`ll break something. You hold the collar in with your thumb and it just pulls straight out. Just fantastic fittings.

Okay. So, thanks for your time. I hope that I`ve some help you ya and have a good day.

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