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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is convert the good old Australian shower arm into a nice Sprite filtered shower handle with hose, okay? So, first thing we're gonna do is remove the arm off the wall and take it back til we get a nice half-inch BSP thread, okay? On with the appropriate tool. Beautiful. Off with the shower arm like that. As you can see, sometimes you get a bit of water coming out there and the little bits of thread tape on there and stuff like that, so give it a bit of a scrape and a clean and clean it up, make sure we get a nice, new flat surface to work on and then we're good to start with the new system, okay? So, once we're at this stage here, this one's cleaned off good enough for us here today and we're gonna go and put some thread tape on there.

So, this thread tape is just to stop any leakages from around the wall mount to the shower thread, okay? So, we got a half-inch Australian BSP thread up the top there. Standard in Australian homes, okay? So, on with the thread tape, same as with any shower filter we're fitting. The first wrap is the wrap to trap it and hold it. Okay, now we go on. What we try not to do is have tape coming over the front of the face. We don't want any tape going down the shower filter, blocking it up, anything like that and half a dozen turns and we're good to go, okay? From there we'll now put our wall mount on which is this one here, okay? Straight on, I'll screw this on and then we'll get the tool again, we'll just tighten him up. Actually, I might even get it just by hand today, for this one might be alright if I can get it round tight enough.

No, we might have one little go. Just gonna turn a little bit until it's firm and we've got the thread hanging down at the bottom, okay? Righty ho. Once we've done that, now we're gonna put the hose straight on which we have here. We'll just pull the plastic caps off the end that are on to protect them, alright? Then you've got your black washers. Black washers go inside the caps, two obviously. Now, that's to stop the water from leaking out. If you connect these on and you have any leakage, you can always get some thread tape and run some thread tape around it to help out as well, okay? Then you'll be good to go but today, very simple.

Screw him straight on, okay? And then it comes to our Sprite hose shower filter shower head. Straight on here, okay? Hold it there so the hose has got a nice shape, tighten it up as tight as you can. It's gonna sit in there, then tilt him forward til it's pointing down where you like it, where you want it and you're good to go. We'll get the spanner, tighten that up with a tool. Not too tight.

You don't need it too tight. And there we go, all prepared for a magnificent shower with a filter, no chlorine, laughing. Thanks very much.