How to Install a Sprite Original Hand Held Shower Handle [VIDEO]

The Sprite Original Hand Held Shower Handle is the world’s first shower handle to incorporate advanced filtration technology into a stylish shower handle.

Converting your everyday Australian shower arm into a nice Sprite filtered shower handle is a quick and straightforward process. With the right tools, installing your Sprite Shower Filter will take less than 5 minutes.

Read on for step by step instructions and watch the tutorial video below.

You will need:

      • An adjustable wrench/Spanner
      • Thread Tape

    How to install a Sprite Original Hand Held Shower Handle:

            1. Use a wrench to remove the original shower head and take it back to the half-inch BSP thread.
            2. Remove any debris or flakey thread tape from the BSP thread.
            3. Apply some fresh thread tape to the thread. Six wraps of thread tape should be sufficient. Ensure there is never any thread tape over the face of the BSP thread hole in the wall.
            4. Screw the wall mount on to the exposed half-inch BSP thread.
            5. Use your wrench to tighten it up until it’s firm and you’ve got the thread hanging down at the bottom ready to connect the hose.
            6. Pull the plastic caps off the ends of your hose.
            7. Insert the black washers inside the caps of the hose.
            8. Screw the hose on to your wall mount Screw the hose onto your Sprite Filtered Shower Head and tighten.


        Now you’ve significantly upgraded your showers. Enjoy your Sprite Shower.

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