How To Turn Off Your Water Mains When Installing a Water Filter

Good day folks, Rod here from My Water Filter.

Whenever you watch at any of our installation videos, you'll often hear us say that you need to go out and turn off the main water supply of your home. Today, we are going to show you how to turn it off.

Where do you turn off the mains water supply?

At your water meter.

You will see one of these meters out the front of every house out towards the front of your property.

Water Meter with Gauge

Before you undo or unscrew any water pipes and fittings in your house, come out to the water meter and turn it off as I show you in the video. You’ve got to turn it to the off position.

Water Meter with Gauge Digits

After that, have a look on the gauge to see the numbers. Make sure no reading is occurring, which means there is no water is flowing through the water meter to your home.

Installing Your Water Filter

Water Filter Installation

Now you can go back into your home, and install a water filter, and not worry about the water. When you're finished, you can turn the water supply back on.

Once the mains are on, you will see the meter reading going up again and the water coming into your house.

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