[VIDEO] How To Turn Off Your Water Mains When Installing a Water Filter


Hi, in this video we will show you how to turn off the main water supply to your house when you are installing your My Water Filter product. - [Rod] Good day folks, Rod here from My Water Filter here. Whenever you look at any of our fitting videos you'll often hear us say that you need to go out front and turn off the main water supply, that's the main water supply to your home.

You'll see one of these meters out the front of every house out towards the front verge of your house so when you go out there before you undo or unscrew any water pipes, fittings in your house, just come out, get a hold of the tap there, and just give it a few turns. Basically you've just got to turn it all the way off, okay? Turn it off, right off. You can have a look on the top here, you'll see the numbers in the sub meters.

Just make sure no reading is occurring and there's no water flowing through the system. You'll go back into your house and you can undo any taps, change washers, do whatever you need to do and no water's gonna pour out inside. Obviously when you're finished you come back out, get hold of the tap, turn back on.

And at that stage you'll see the meter reading main start to turn depending on the amount of digits you've got on there and the water will be flowing into your house once again, okay? Leave yourself a reminder, just make sure when you do turn it off that you do remember to go and turn it back on.

Okay, have a great day.