[VIDEO] How to remove Fluoride from your Drinking Water

We provide systems that will help remove the fluoride out your water.

The Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The under sink system removes 95% of fluoride out of your water. The water filter system’s ideal placement is under the cupboard hidden from view. Excellent for homeowners, real estate investors, and business owners.

The Benchtop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Similar to the Under sink System, it removes 95% of the fluoride out of your water. This conveniently packed filter system with a benchtop form factor allows itself to be placed on top of any good surface. This system is great for renters, students and home/business owners, because of its manageable size.

The Gravity Benchtop Water Filter with UltraCeram cartridge

Smaller and nice to look at, in your home. This beautiful water filter with the UltraCeram Cartridge removes 97% percent of fluoride from the water. Great for a one to two-person home.The water filter systems above are known to have a slow flow rate, a necessity to remove the fluoride effectively. These systems are more than enough for all your water drinking needs.

Omnipure Benchtop and Under Sink Water Filters

These systems have a robust and constant flow rate so that you can wash your food and vegetables in the sink. Upgraded with the Fluoride Cartridge designed to do its job while keeping up with the constant flow of water, it is proven and tested to remove 97% of fluoride from the water.

Choosing between a Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter

Finding the right filter for you will solely depend on your lifestyle and preferences. The convenience of a benchtop versus the concealability of the under sink.

Important note

The Fluoride cartridge for the Ultrapure Water Filter requires 10 minutes of flushing on the first-time setup. This process is necessary to flush out any fines in every brand new Fluoride Cartridges. After the flushing process, it is good to go for a year until you need a new Fluoride Cartridge.

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