[VIDEO] Stefani 12L Ceramic Purifier - Installation Guide

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is have a look at the Stefani 12 Liter Ceramic Water Purifier. Okay, she's a beauty this one, we're gonna open it up and have a look inside, and see what they've got for us, okay? So normal gravity filter style, as we know, the slower we filter water, the better water quality we'll have on the other side, and these gravity water filters certainly do filter the water slowly, about a liter an hour, so they are absolute rippers in that sense. They're good because there's never any leakage with any of these filters, okay? No leaks because they're all a sealed unit, and they work very well, okay. The top tank. Here we go, okay. So that's a good looking unit that one.

Quite large in size, all one piece, stand's connected onto the body, and then obviously the well or the top tank's gonna sit inside of here, but yeah, good, nice and smooth inside, easy to be able to give it a clean or a wipe out, that sort of thing, and good cartridge with good test results. So we'll put him together and see how he goes. So the first part here is our tap. These systems here just have the one filter in them, so we'll get the tap on the bottom first.

Okay, very similar to any other of the Stefani gravity water filter taps. Get your rubber washer, your O ring, and fit that on there first, hard up against the backing plate of the tap, can give it a bit of a screw on the thread, if you wanna get it nice and square and straight and fitted on there. And then we'll put the second washer on, and the nut from the inside, and we'll seal him on like so, okay. So we'll get the tap, push him in through the hole, put the O ring on first on the inside, push it right up against the body.

Then we get the nut, on with the locking nut, and we tighten that one up too. Got a reasonably long thread on these so you just tighten them all the way up, takes a minute but just tighten him up until he starts to go firm, and once they go firm, do give them a good tighten up. Remember that the thread is plastic, so don't go too crazy, but I am sort of tightening that in there as tight as I can do it up really by hand, okay? So we tighten him up, and he's good and tight, and ready to go, simple process. Second part, we'll put in the cartridge. Here's some information, a few do's and don'ts, 12 months warranty, things like that, and now here's our cartridge here, ready to install.

Okay, now with these candles, just be aware that if you, we don't wanna touch the ceramic part of the candle, all right? So if you haven't got any gloves on or anything like that, get a piece of paper, anything at all, just wrap something around there so that we're not touching our fingers onto the ceramic part of the cartridge, and then we're good to go. Off with the nut and the rubber washer, leave one rubber washer on there, one O ring whatever you like to call it, a bit more like an O ring but act as a washer. So on we go, right up to the base, only one hole in the bottom of this tank, so we put the cartridge through.

First rubber washer on, locking nut, spin him up, we're good to go. So there's a bit of thread on these as well, so just screw him all the way up. And we do want it firm in there folks, we want it pretty tight. It's all about a seal on this O ring here and on the inside of the tank, so they are plastic, so don't go too stupid tightening them up, just get him up firm. The washer's starting to squash, and it's installed inside there, and we're good to go, okay? So it's a good size top tank or well, for the size of the system, and that's basically just gonna sit in the top here, like so, and then we get our lid, and we'll sit him on the top, okay? And quite a nice looking unit, fresh from Stefani. Does make great tasting water, all right? So Stefani, Australian company supplying water filters all over the country.

These cartridges do have really good test results, and as I say, it will make beautiful tasting water. Cartridge has about a 12 month life span depending on water quality. So have a look at the information we've got on the page, and if we can help you in any way, feel free to give us a call. Thanks very much.

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