[VIDEO] Stefani 3.5L Premium Water Filter Jug - Product Spotlight

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Good day folks. Rod, from My Water Filter here today. What I would like to share with you today, is the Stefani Premium Water Filter Jug, okay. Now, this is a larger jug from Stefani. So, more suited to a family or two and three people in the home. They are a similar jug, I guess to a Brita, in the sense that they're attacking and removing the chlorine out of the water and making the water taste better and smell a lot better too, okay. I wouldn't use one of these on tank water, or untreated water, because that's a different sort of filtration. But, in the city, in the town's, government water, this is where people would use one of these, okay. They will make the water taste great, like I said. The great tasting, carbon in here to remove that contamination out of the water. But it's just not going to do the heavy metals and the bigger stuff, alright. Stefani Australia, big company and well known and obviously, we're supporting here at My Water Filter as well, right. So, you won't find test results on a filter like this. They are a bit budget style filter. So, we're gotta be honest with you and tell you that they are what they are.

So, a lot of people use them, and they do work on treated, chlorinated government water, but that's about where it stops, okay. So, we'll put him out and have a look at him, and see how it goes. They are a fairly simple basic style filter, which is great. Great sort of jug and we'll just take him out here now. Not much to put together on this one. It's sort of all made up ready to go but, Stefani on the front. Pull the top off. It's just a cap. Here's the cartridge inside and, there's the top tank of the filter. So, we just gotta sit this filter down in the top. I'll take it out of the wrapper and we'll have a quick look at it. Now, as you can see, it's like the Maxtra. So, they're very similar to the Brita cartridges, okay. So, we'll put this one in here and, as I say, this cartridge here is good for the chlorine out of the water, so be aware if you're in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, a lot of chloramine being used nowadays. So, it might not be the perfect thing for you. You could still run with the jug. You'll find on our website, you get cartridges like these nowadays.

There is the Geyser from Europe, and that will take out all the heavy metals and herbicides, pesticides, viruses, stuff like that. So, if you wanna get a Stefani jug, grab a Geyser cartridge and put in the top instead if you want to put it on rain water or something like that. Or, if you want to use a high alkaline, if you want your jug to alkalize and raise the pH of the water, we've got a high pH elevation cartridge. It'll fit into these as well too. So, have a look at that, if that's something that you might want to look at. But, to install them, she's a pretty simple scenario here, and you just put in that cartridge down into the filter, and we're going to get the jug, put it under the tap, fill up the top tank. Normally you're gonna get there and put the lid on it. So, on with the lid. Little press down at the top type thing. We'll get him over, fill the top tank up. You gotta fill this top tank up with water.

Just by gravity, it'll filter down through the cartridge. It'll slowly start to fill the jug up. It's a 3.5 litre jug, and 35 glasses of water, and they are suitable for a small family. So, if that's what you're looking for, just a jug to filter your water at home. Keep it in the fridge, that sort of thing. Then this could be the go for you. The base is, it does have, the cartridge that is in it, does have four stages of filtration, okay. So, it's got, top layer will be a bit of mesh to block out any sediments. Then, as it filters down through that, there's the activated carbon inside. Then, there's a quartz layer for further filtration, and there's some mineral pellets in the bottom of it. Now, those mineral pellets are there to stop limescale. And also probably reduce heavy metals. But it'll be reduced. It won't be removed. But that is in this cartridge. So, it does have a bit going for it, but it doesn't have a test result that I can show you, unfortunately. So, just general purpose little jug for the home. Budget, cheap, easy going. This might be something you wanna have a look at, and it will make the water taste a lot better than straight out of the tap. So, if that works for you, good luck. And if we've helped in any way, give us a call. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks very much.