[VIDEO] Stefani 8.5L Water Jug- Product Spotlight

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what I'd like to introduce to you now is the Stefani Water Filter Dispenser.

About This Product

It's a nice compact, light unit, eight and a half litres in total capacity, and just very handy for a small family who wants to filter their water and have it sort of on-demand in a container ready to go. Like any other Water Filter Dispenser, you’re going to fill the top tank, so the water flows down and collects in the bottom tank. This product is good for creating great tasting water.

Things to Consider

If you're on government chlorinated scheme water, then this cartridge is right for you since it’s about, removing the chlorine and the horrible taste out of the water, and it'll make great tasting water. The cartridge does have a couple of aspects to it, the top of the cartridge is there to take out the sediments, then it goes through some carbon, taking out the chlorine and making good taste water. Flowing down underneath that, it has some further scale enhancements. Since we've got a lot of mineral in our water nowadays, this filter will help take the scale-out and remove a bit of heavy metal.

Budget-friendly and Convenient

This is a budget style filter, so if you're just looking for something cheap that you can use at home with a small family, then this is the product for you. They will slide straight into the fridge if you got a right size fridge and you can fill them up and operate them straight out.

Stafaine 8.5L Water Jug Fridge

What You Should Know

Stefani being Stefani Australasia, is an Australian company that we are supporting here at My Water Filter. This company gives a red hot go at creating budget style filtration for Australian families. There isn't a test result with this product yet. It has a budget-friendly price, and you’re getting them for what they are. If you're just trying to get tastier water, like a Brita jug or similar, but on a much larger scale, you should get this. It’s a 35 cup dispenser which is larger than a jug of any size.

Simple and Easy to Use

It’s simple to use, starting with the top with a timer that you can set to six months from the date you start to use it. The company suggests to last it up to six months, but if you got a big family pumping water through this thing every day, then you might find that it might not last quite as long. But through usage, you'll get used of it.

You have the cartridge, and you are going to put that in the top tank in a minute, then, you have a little tap faucet to screw in the bottom. eight and a half litres in total. One of the great things with this is that most budget water filters have its top tank on the top of the bottom tank. So you fill the top tank up with water and the water flows down into the bottom tank.

What You Should Remember

When you go to bed overnight and fill the top tank up, it can leak out between them. Hence, if the kids fill it up, there'll never be any accidents because it's all contained within its own body. You just have to make sure that they're tightened up, because if they aren't, you can get a little weep or a drip underneath them. You have to leave one rubber on the thread of the lever tap and then insert it from the outside in, then put the second rubber on and the nut. Once you get it, push it straight through the hole and on the other rubber. Then, put the nut on over that.

Stafaine 8.5L Water Jug Countertop

You can leave the tap at about 9:00 clock face, screw the nut in, and tighten. Once you have got it up as tight, don't get your fingers on the end or you're going to break this, just get it on the body and spin it around to 12:00 and until it’s tight. Failing that, you've got a nice big nut on the inside, you can just put a spanner on there and just give it a little bit more of a tighten up. This product has a good seal, a good size washer, and as long as you tighten it, you won't have any worries at all.

Once that's on, you push down on the lever, and the water will flow out, it has a space that fills up with water. Then, the filter is going to sit in the bottom where you will put the filter in. This product has a simple design, the same cartridge for the Britas.


Again, it's a right size, easy to handle, can slide it into the fridge, holds 35 glasses, and your kids or yourself just have to push down on the lever and you'll have nice filtered water. All being said, it does take the chlorine out of the water, will make it tastier and a lot better, easier to drink and consume. Have a look at it, and we have plenty of information on the page here. Give us a call if we can help in any way, we'd be happy to do so. Thank you very much!