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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what I'd like to introduce to you now is the Stefani Water Filter Dispenser. Okay? As you can see, it's a nice compact, light unit, eight and a half liters in total capacity, and just very handy for a small family who wants to filter their water and have it sort of on demand in a container ready to go. I'll take it out and we'll have a look at it, but obviously we fill the top tank, the water flows down and collects in the bottom tank. So they're good for creating great tasting water.

So if you're on government chlorinated scheme water, then that's what this cartridge is about, removing the chlorine and the horrible taste out of the water, and it'll make great tasting water, okay? The cartridge does have a couple of aspects to it in that the top of the cartridge is there to take out the sediments, then it goes through some carbon, and that's taking out the chlorine and make the good taste from the water, getting the chlorine out. Flowing down underneath that, we've got some further scale enhancements so we've got a lot of mineral in our water nowadays, so this filter will help to take the scale out, bit of heavy metal removal as well, okay? So they havin' a go, they are a budget style filter, so if you're just looking for something cheap that you can use at home with a small family, they will slide straight into the fridge if you got a reasonable size fridge and you can fill 'em up and operate 'em straight outta the fridge, okay? So we'll open him up.

Stefani being Stefani Ausstralasia, an Australian company. And we supporting them here at My Water Filter. They havin' a red hot go at creating budget style filtration for Australian families, all right? There isn't a test result with this product or I would happily show it to you, but it doesn't come like that. It's a budget price as I suggested, and we just gotta take those for what they are, okay? But if you're just tryin' to get tastier water, like a Brita jug or similar, but on a much larger scale. As you can see it's eight and a half liters, a lot larger than a jug of any size, okay? So very simple to use, off with the top. There is a timer on the top and you can basically set this timer to six months from the date that you start to use it. Depending on usage, it's all gonna be about the usage, so, but you know the company'll suggest it'll last up to six months, but if you got a big family pumping water through this thing every day then you might find that it might not last quite as long.

But through usage, you'll get used of it and there's a timer in the top and you can set that timer for how long you think that your cartridges are lasting for for your family, but to start with you can just click it to six months get into it, get usin' it, get goin' and hopefully it will last that long for you, okay? So here's the cartridge and we'll put that in the top tank in a minute, and here's the little tap faucet that we'll screw in the bottom. We'll put that one in too. Does have some instructions, a few do's and don'ts, particulars on the page here, so do take a look at that, it's a 35 cup dispenser and holds eight and a half liters in total. So basically what I would do with this one here is the top tank is gonna lift out, okay? So we're just straight out, the top tank, and look while I'm thinking about it, one of the great things with this is most budget water filters are like you'll see the top tank sits on the top of the bottom tank, okay? So you fill the top tank up with water and the water flows down into the bottom tank.

Now what will happen once the bottom tank's gettin' rather full if you go to bed over nighttime and you fill the top tank up it can leak out between the two of them. But the beauty of this model is the top tank, very much like a jug, in that the top tank sits down inside the body, so you just fill it up, fill it up, fill it up, you can never have any spillage. Or if the kids fill it up, there'll never be any accidents 'cause it's all contained within its own body. So that's a great thing, okay? So we just lift the top tank out there for a second, and here's the end where the tap goes on.

So we'll just quickly slip this tap in, give you a look on how it would go in. It's a very simple process. Main thing with these are that you do have to make sure that they're tightened up tight, because if they aren't you can get a little weep or a drip underneath them. But it's just basic stuff, and you just gotta tighten up this nut on the inside and you'll be good to go. So there's the little lever tap there, okay? And we leave one rubber on the thread and then we insert it from the outside in, then I'll put the second rubber on and the nut, okay? So here we get it, push it straight through the hole, on the inside I'm pushing on the other rubber, and then I'm gonna put the nut on over that.

Now I would leave that tap at about 9:00 on the clock face as I screw the nut on the inside, I'm doing the nut on the inside up as tight as I can get it by hand on the inside. Once I've got it up as tight as I can by hand on the inside, don't get your fingers on the end or you're gonna break this, but I can just get it on the body and just spin him around to 12:00 and that gets it pretty tight. And I'd expect that to seal at that. Failing that, you've got a nice big nut on the inside, you can just put a spanner on there and just give it a little bit more of a tighten up if you've got any weeping underneath here, all right? They're a good seal, they're a good size washer and as long as you tighten him up tight you won't have any worries at all there.

Once that's on you push down on the lever and the water'll flow out, okay? Here's our top tank, and this is space that fills up with water and then the filter's gonna sit in the bottom here, so we'll put the filter in there as well. Very simple design, exactly the same cartridge for the Britas. And in we go, pushes in on top, it's as simple as that. Cartridge is now in there, we'll fill the top up, water'll penetrate through the cartridge, come out of the bottom and you'll be good to go, okay? We've got the top lid, we've set our timer, we set him on there and on he goes. Personally, I'd fill the top tank up, I'd let some water run down through the cartridge, and I would actually turn that water to waste and give the cartridge a little bit of a flush, and just get a little bit of water through it, and then you'll be good to go. And then you can just fill it up at your own leisure. As I say, it's a good size, easy to handle. Slide it into the fridge, holds 35 glasses, and your kids or yourself just gotta push down on the lever and you'll have nice filtered water comin' out of there. All being said, it does take the chlorine out of the water, will make it tastier and a lot better, easier to drink and consume. And have a look at it, plenty of information on the page here. Give us a call if we can help in any way, we'd be happy to do so. Thanks very much.

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