[VIDEO] Whole House Water Filter Comparison - Triple Big Blue Vs. 3M Vs. Gold Carb

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Good day, folks. Rod, from My Water Filter here today. Just gonna have a quick chat to ya about the Triple Whole House Big Blue System, maybe versus the 3M quick change whole house filter systems and the Gold Carb, okay. Now, with these with these all of these filters will stop the chlorine coming into your house, get rid of the horrible chlorine gas smell when you're having a shower and having hot water used in the kitchen sink, alright. And that's what we wanna do, make the water much nicer throughout your whole home. Now, all of those filters will do it, okay. This one here, the Triple, it's the most popular by far.

There's no doubt about it. But, it's the old style and you put the spanner on and you turn the housing, and that's how these housings screw off, and the cartridge is inside. Pull out the cartridge, toss it out, put the new cartridge in and we screw this housing back up on to the filter. Very simple, and once it's installed it only takes 5 minutes to achieve that. And, it works very well and it's easy. So, successful. Alright. Then, you've got a choice, you can look at the 3M.

That's the quick change style cartridge. So as you can see here, that you'll just get hold to the quick change cartridge, push it up to the head with a simple quick turn, locks it into place and it's sealed. So, it is a much easier way of replacing a cartridge than the old style that we've got here. They all work, and you can get the sediment cartridge with a 3M, and you can also get the carbon and even the carbon with scale assistance. If you put a sediment in front of a 3M carbon that's what we would recommend, because there's a lot of sediment in our water nowadays and we just don't wanna have all the sediment just blocking up the carbon cartridge. If you do have limescale and issues like that there is a filtron model cartridge from 3M you can use, or your can use one of our limetrons.

You'll see the limetrons that are used on these systems, you can use a limetron on a 3M, you can use a limetron on a Gold Carb. Doesn't matter what the water filter is, you can always attach limetrons, granders, home edgers, any other water conditioners on to any of these systems you want. So, it's really about the system, it's really about the size of your family and what sort of filter you think you're looking for. If you're just a single person, 1 or 2, you might wanna look at the 3M, very easy to change and you just screw 'em on and off and it's done. You get up to a family, then you might start looking at something like these ones here, and if you have large family you might wanna have a look at the Gold Carb, because that really has the most media in it, out of any of these ones here. So, have a look at the site and let us know if we can help you in any way, I'd be happy to do so. Good luck.