[VIDEO] Water Filter Comparison - Triple Whole House Water Filter Vs. Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter

Hello! We are excited to share with you a new Whole House Water Filter system comparison!

Today, we will look at all the differences between a Triple Whole House Water Filter and a Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter.

My Water Filter Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

The Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter system is very easy to move around and is not very heavy.

The Cartridges in this system are easily replaced and you can change these cartridges in about 10 minutes.

Typically there is a sediment cartridge in position one and two carbon cartridges in position two and three.

As the water enters and penetrates through the cartridge to the core, that's when the water is filtered.

The MWF triple system has two whole house carbon cartridges, so you get a 2 passes through carbon before the water flows into your house.

Generally, a system like this, depending on the size of the home and the volume of people in the house, will last about 12 months before you need to replace the cartridges.

Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter

The Gold Carb Whole House Filter is a complete Whole House Water Filtration system designed to suit any sized home. It successfully removes chlorine at an incredible rate of over 50 litres per minute.

The Goldcarb has a 20-inch sediment prefilter in front of the large carbon tank, so all the water flows through the sediment cartridge before flowing through the Goldcarb. The sediment filter takes out all the dirt, lumps and bumps so as not to fill up the carbon tank

The Goldcarb has ten times more carbon than the Triple Big Blue system!

Yes, a Goldcarb costs a little bit more to purchase upfront the first time, but over time, it saves you money and lasts much longer. While the first sediment cartridge in the Goldcarb needs to be replaced every 12 months, the 40kg carbon Goldcarb unit will last a whopping 5+ years, depending on usage.


When the Goldcarb reaches the end of its life, the whole tank full of carbon needs to be replaced. It does not have a cartridge.

Triple Whole House Water Filter Vs. Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter. Which is best?

Because the Goldcarb has 10 x more carbon inside it, it lasts much longer and creates much cleaner, better-tasting water, even if you’ve got a large family.

The Goldcarb has 40kgs of carbon inside, and the Big Blue has about 4.5kgs of carbon, so there is a big difference in the quality of water. The Goldcarb makes better water!

If you’ve enough room, have the available budget, and accommodate the Goldcarb, we highly recommend it.

All that extra carbon creates noticeably better tasting and cleaner water.

If you’re in the market for something cheaper, go with the Triple Big Blue.

If you have any questions or need any help with your whole house water filtration needs, please don't hestitate to get in touch via our Contact us page!

We’d be delighted to help you come to the right decision that suits your needs.

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