Ultra Violet Light Installation Guide For UV Water Filter Systems [VIDEO]

This article serves as an overview of how to install an Ultraviolet Light for Whole House Rainwater Tank Systems.

      1. Unbox your UV light system and unwrap the mounts.
      2. Unwrap the holders for the housing.
      3. Mount the holders to the wall. We recommend a horizontal installation but if you’re installing it vertically, make sure the globe/power leads go out of the top, never the bottom.
      4. Put the clip locks on.
      5. Unscrew both ends.
      6. Unwrap the glass thimble.
      7. Gently slide the glass thimble into the UV system.
      8. Unwrap the O-Rings and put one on each end of the glass thimble. These push up against the thread when you put the caps on.
      9. Put the stainless steel caps back on either side of the UV system and tighten them up as tight as you can by hand. You must seal it properly.
      10. Wrap some thread tape around the thread of both the in and out pipes. Connect up the in and out pipes.
      11. Turn the water on.
      12. Flush the toilet, turn the shower on, turn on some of your taps and check that the UV system isn’t leaking.
      13. Once you’ve established there are no leaks, turn the water back off.
      14. Remove the globe from the packaging.
      15. Slide the globe into the thimble. If you have mounted it vertically, make sure you don’t drop the globe in, it will break the thimble.
      16. Plug the controller into an RCD, and then plug the RCD into the power outlet.
      17. Mount the controller somewhere and make sure it’s going to stay dry.
      18. Plug the power cord/controller into the bulb and push it into the housing.
      19. Put the rubber cap on to seal it up.
      20. Take off the nut where the earth wire goes and connect the earth wire.
      21. Put the nut back on and tighten up the earth wire.
      22. Ensure the power cord is directed down, so any condensation won’t trickle into the globe.

Now you know how your installation will take place. In the following video, we cover everything you need to know, including instructions for setting up the PVC pipework.

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