In this article, we’ll show you how to install a UV Guard Light system to a Whole House Rain Water Tank Filter.

When installing a UV light to your Whole House system, the manufacturer recommends the UV light should be mounted horizontally, just above your Whole House system.

That being said, you can install the UV on the end in a vertical position too.

Grab a highlighter and go through the instruction manual and highlight the important factors, before you start your installation.

Note: Before you put the holders into the wall, you need to ensure you give yourself enough room to install the thimble into the UV system.

Install The Ultra Violet Unit

      1. Install The Holders
      2. Click the UV system into the mounting brackets.
      3. Use the clip locks to secure the system.
      4. Wrap some thread tape around the inlet and outlet holes. 6-8 wraps.
      5. Connect up the pipework.
      6. Unscrew the nut on the side of the UV unit.
      7. Put some gloves on, remove the thimble from the box and wipe the thimble down with a soft cloth.
      8. Carefully slide the thimble into the system ensuring the thimble goes into the socket on the other end.
      9. Slide the O-rings onto the end of your thimble and replace the locking nut, screwing it up as tight as you can by hand.
      10. Turn the water on and test for leaks.

Install The Electrical Components

      1. With some tissue and methylated spirits, wipe down the globe. (use gloves)
      2. Slide the globe into the thimble carefully.
      3. Put the washer on the end of the sealing nut.
      4. Connect the four pin plug and push it in.
      5. Use the screws to secure the cover.
      6. Connect the controller box.
      7. Mount the controller box up high so it makes a “V” with the power chord.
      8. Plug the unit in and switch it on.
      9. Run the water through and see how nice your water tastes now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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