In recent years, there have been numerous occasions of considerable risk for water contamination in Melbourne.

In Aug 2020, Melbourne was advised by Yarra Valley Water to boil their water before consuming it due to contamination risk. 275,000 households were believed to be affected by this.

Again, in June 2021, Melbourne communities were urged not to drink the tap water due to potential contamination after storms. Yarra Valley Water even said that boiling your water would not remove contamination, so emergency water tanks were utilised.

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Melbourne Water Contamination


Water treatment by our Government usually successfully removes the most dangerous bacteria, viruses and other water contamination in Melbourne drinking water.

While the water coming out of your taps may look clear, lab analysis proves the presence of the following contaminants in your water:






And this is AFTER it has been through a treatment plant.

If you’re wondering if you need a water filter for your tap water, check out Why Buy a Water Filter and Why Buy A Water Filter In The City?



The biggest challenge in terms of Contamination in Melbourne is the problem with pesticides.

Pesticides used by farmers seep into the groundwater or are carried by runoff water to the streams that lead to reservoirs.

Significant levels of these types of chemicals have been detected in the Yarra River, the primary source of Melbourne’s drinking water.

These are just some of the farm chemicals that get into streams and reservoirs.

To get an accurate report on your suburb, please visit the Yarra Valley Water website.

The biggest question on people’s lips is…

Is it OK to drink tap water in Melbourne? 

When it comes to Water Contamination, it's up to the people to ensure the water is safe to drink because the Government will only do the bare minimum.

We believe everybody in Australia can create the best water they can, using a Water Filter and the great news is, you can remove ALL of the above contaminants with a simple Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter.

The right water filter will easily remove:

        • Chlorine
        • Fluoride
        • Arsenic
        • Copper
        • Lead
        • PESTICIDES
        • and more!

When you take control of your own water quality, your body will thank you.

Just think how much healthier you will feel when you’re no longer consuming trace elements of chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, copper, lead and bacteria.

When it comes to Water Contamination, Melbourne, we are here to help you.

If you have any questions about water filtration and our products, please contact us.

We’d be delighted to help.

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