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My Water Filter provides Adelaide residents with a wide range of filters, purifiers and cartridges for their water consumption needs, as well as those on the go. Professional advice from industry professionals who have years in this field.

About Water in Adelaide


The metropolitan Adelaide area relies on inflows from the Mount Lofty Ranges Reservoirs and pumping water out of River Murray.

The rest of South Australia gets their drinking water from a combination of rural reservoirs and groundwater boreholes to guarantee reliable access for everyone living there, no matter how much rainfall they receive.

Adelaide's most common water quality issue is seasonal algae.

The Problem with Adelaide’s Water?


Despite their best efforts, SA Water reported in 2012 that chemicals were still present in the water supply and posed a health risk for consumers who drink it on an everyday basis.

The following contaminants are still present in Adelaide Water:

Chlorine is used to kill water-borne organisms.

For more: Chlorination, Are You Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe?

Fluoride is also added as an attempt to address tooth decay.

For more: Should You Be Worried About Fluoride In Your Drinking Water?

Copper is usually present in water but in small amounts.

However, excess copper can make its way into your water via plumbing and can make people sick. ​​

For more: Health Risk of Copper In Drinking Water.

Arsenic is naturally found in soil and is harmless in tiny amounts.

Arsenic is toxic in the body.

For more: Arsenic in Water: Its Effects and How to Get Rid of It.

Our Water Filter Recommendations For Adelaide


There are three primary water sources available for Adelaide residents; town water, rainwater and bore water.

Town Water

If you are on regular town water, we recommend a simple Benchtop System or an Under Sink system if your living arrangements are more permanent.

However, if you’re a homeowner, a very popular solution is to employ a Whole House Water Filter alongside point of use filters for drinking and showers.


Rain Water

If you are fortunate enough to have a rainwater tank, again, our Benchtop System and Under Sink systems are perfect for your drinking water. Alternatively, you can treat all the water before it enters the house with Rain Water Tank or Whole House Water Filters.

If your tank is not made from concrete, you’ll also need an Alkaline Filter to bring the pH up to neutral.

Understanding the water coming out of your rainwater tank is essential.

Bore Water

If you drink underground bore water, then shoot for at least a Benchtop, Undersink Filter, or Reverse Osmosis Water Filter alongside an Alkaline Water Filter to address the acidity or bore water.

A whole house water filter is essential to address the extra calcium and mineral in bore water so that your tapware doesn’t deteriorate rapidly.

If you have questions, our team are ready to help.

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