Water Filters and Purifiers for the Gold Coast

We provide a very large range of water filters for the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

The local Gold Coast government distributes the city’s water supply through Gold Coast Water, which monitors 65 reservoirs for issues and regulates all water treatment facilities in the region.

Although significant treatment is undergone before the water reaches your tap, many people still report and have test results to prove a range of contaminants still present in the water.


What’s Lurking in Gold Coast Water?

While your water may look and taste okay, there are many contaminants that do not carry a taste or odour. Common contaminants include algae, copper, chlorine, pesticides or herbicides, fluoride and other various bacteria.

Chlorine is used to kill water-borne organisms.

For more: Chlorination, Are You Sure Your Drinking Water is Safe?

Fluoride is also added as an attempt to address tooth decay.

For more: Should You Be Worried About Fluoride In Your Drinking Water?

Copper is usually present in water but in small amounts.

However, excess copper can make its way into your water via plumbing and can make people sick. ​​

For more: Health Risk of Copper In Drinking Water.

Arsenic is naturally found in soil and is harmless in tiny amounts.

Arsenic is toxic in the body​​.

Our Recommendations for Water Filters on the Gold Coast


There are three primary water sources available for Gold Coast residents; town water, rainwater and bore water.

Town/City Water

If you are on regular Gold Coast city or town water, we recommend a simple Benchtop or an Under Sink Water Filter. However, if your living arrangements are more permanent (i.e., homeowner) then it is very popular to install a Whole House Filter and use point-of-use water filters for drinking, washing and showering.

Rain Water

A rainwater tank can be a great way to get the most out of our natural resources, and our Benchtop or Under Sink System is perfect for keeping it clean. Alternatively, treat all the water before it enters the home with a Rain Water Tank or Whole House Water Filters.

If the tank isn’t made from concrete, you may want an Alkaline Water Filter to raise the pH of your water back up to neutral - because rainwater is acidic by nature.

It’s important to get a clear picture of the quality of water living in your tank.

Bore Water


We provide options for Hard Water such as Water Conditioners.

Find out why a hard water filter is not the best option for hard water.

If you have any questions about water filters for the Gold Coast, please contact us.



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