Why Australians Choose Bottled Water

Why Australians Choose Bottled Water

We asked Australians about bottled water, and here’s what they had to say.



A total of 164 people from across Australia participated in our online survey, which focused on understanding the bottled water habit. As a result, we found honest answers to why many reach out for a bottle and the price tag they’re willing to pay for a sip.

It’s really about convenience, above taste and water quality.

More than half (52.44%) shared that they choose bottled water because it is “convenient to drink when they’re away from home”. However, this option is miles away from other options “I want to be sure that I’m drinking clean water.” (17.07%), “It tastes better than tap water” (10,37%) and “All of the above” (20.12%).

The same intent of convenience becomes crystal clear when 67.07% of respondents confirmed buying bottled water only “when they’re out and about”, compared to drinking bottled all the time (24.39%) and never drinking from bottled water (8.54%).


The Australian Bottled Water Budget is between $500-$2000/per year.

On average,  the Australian consumer spends between $500 and $1000 annually for about 1 bottle/day. Meanwhile, less than 2% of respondents share that they spend as much as $5000 per year on their drink (5 bottles and up/day). Considering the flow-on costs, people who buy bottled water will spend $3/Litre while others can use the same set of dollars for 1000 Litres of tap water.

Unspoken Cost of Going Bottled

More than the hole that bottled water burns in your pocket, however, the University of Queensland alerts to its social and environmental costs.

Water quality and the impact of plastic on your water both lead to potential health concerns.

Some studies have also reported mineral deficiency from bottled water and chemical toxicity from chlorine, fluoride, nitrates and other harmful compounds at levels higher than prescribed in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. In addition, known harmful elements such as BPA and microplastics could also concern bottled water drinkers.

The manufacture, preparation, distribution, and disposal of bottled water is the cause of an environmental footprint that lasts for generations. Plastic waste continues to pile up while the country’s recycling efforts face challenges.

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Water the Way You Like It

Finding water that meets your taste and health goals can be challenging, especially when you’re making a conscious effort to be a responsible consumer.

Here is where water filtration systems can help; you can rid the contaminants in your water, create the best-tasting water for yourself, and limit your ecological footprint by leaving less waste from single-use plastic bottles. Carry a tumbler with you, and you’re putting back money in your pocket and resources from the earth.

Filtered Water

Best of all, filtered water lets you choose what goes into your water. Match your filter with your choice of mineral content, taste, and water structure. A single investment at the beginning will supply you with years worth of the water you genuinely want.

For example, the Filteroo Stainless Steel Gravity Benchtop Water Filter with the Grander Board will cost you $909 (at the time of this article creation), which you can use for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years, depending on how well you look after it. Funnel your tap through, and you’ll enjoy H302 structured water far superior to what most people have.

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Structured Water

Structured water is 10% denser than regular water and is better utilised by the body for health and hydration. In other words, this water will help you create more energy in your body and experience less illness and far better natural detoxification of the body’s cells.

Benchtop and Undersink Water Filters

Another filter is the ULTRAPURE Aragon 10" Twin Benchtop, or Undersink Water Filter with Fluoride Removal, which is uniquely made for people using treated water supplied to their homes.

Its slim feature makes it an excellent fit for kitchen bench tops, portable campers, boats, or kitchens with small spaces. It’s a worthwhile investment for families and individuals concerned with protecting their loved ones from waterborne contaminants and added chemicals.

Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

The Filteroo Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter with Grander Board is unique because it contains the best quality cartridges available on the market, with a highly durable stainless unit and a Grander Board to create some of the best quality high alkaline water in the world. It is perfect for those who want the best quality water possible for their family using structured water— just like it is in nature. The Filteroo Steel is a great option for those living in RV or Caravans or are regularly on the go.

Alkaline Water

The Filteroo Steel comes with everything you could need to create magnificent tasting ALKALINE water from your tap water, including a solid stainless steel stand, stainless steel jug, stainless steel tap, pH elevation mineral pad, shower filter, and a stainless steel water bottle to take with you anywhere go.

Be sure to check out our collection of Alkaline Water Filters

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