[VIDEO] Why buy an Aquasana Shower Filter?

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G'day folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today. And I just wanna have a quick chat to you because I've just cut open one of the Aquasana shower filters, okay? Now, by test results, we always knew that these were always the best test results that we could find anywhere in the world. And now with chloramine being introduced to most of our capital cities here in Australia, any old shower filter just isn't gonna work for you anymore, folks. If you're in a capital city, have a look 'cause you're possibly on chloramine. And Aquasana have a chlorine and they also have a chloramine shower filter, okay? So you need to get the right one for your area. My personal view on this is, if you've got a whole-house water filter on your house, fantastic go for your life! If you haven't, you're in an apartment, you're in a flat, whatever it is. No more chemical showers, get you one of these things on. As I say, I've just cut it open and I'm just gonna give you a good look inside. So if you're wondering what shower filter to buy, get this, okay?

Aquasana shower filter they're absolutely unreal. Some of the best things about this is once you fix it onto the wall, you just screw the bottom on and off to change the cartridge. That's how fast it is to change the cartridge. 'Cause a lot of the other ones, you've gotta take the whole shower arm off et cetera, to replace the cartridge. Basically, this is the end here that's gonna screw on the wall, its got a swivel so it almost screws onto anything, okay? And from that swivel, the water comes in the center here, and the water falls out the headcap, okay? As you can see, I've cut this one in half. So this is the cartridge here, same as the new one. This is the top part that goes up inside the housing, right? So this is where the water comes out of your wall outlet. And the water goes down the center.

The water goes all the way down this center core, and look how much media is here in this cartridge, all right? All filters work on the water's contact time with the cartridge. There is hand fulls of media here, much more than in any other shower filter that I've ever seen, okay? So the water's comin' in full of chemicals, down through this rod, and it pushes into the bottom here, okay? This here is the bottom of the Aquasana cartridge this is the bottom here, okay? Now, it's a brilliant little design, because the bottom stem fits into this four fingers on the bottom, okay? So it fits into those four fingers there like so, and then this here is the sediment filter, the sediment protection that sits on the bottom. So as the water's comin' in, any dirt and sediments that's trapped in the bottom felt part first then the water starts comin' up through all the gold media, startin' to take out synthetic chemicals et cetera, then it goes through also this is a secondary pad, this secondary pad sits half-way up and then above this pad is all the black carbon, okay? Get the chloramines and chlorine and garbage out of the water.

After that, the water's gonna come out these little holes on the top of the filter which will push the water in around the inside of the cap. And the water's gonna flow straight out here where this black cap's on. Straight out and out of this spout, it'll flow out of this spout. Put your shower arm on it, and let a beautiful flow of, it makes it like rain water! Got one on my house at home, and they just work an absolute treat, folks. So do yourself a favor, no more chemical showers just get yourself a Aquasana shower filter and you'll be good to go. Makes a massive difference to your shower. Gets rid of that horrible chlorine gas that's poisonous for us, and just stops all the itching and red eyes and makes your hair last longer and keeps the color in your hair if you have that done. Take a look, fantastic product. Thanks very much.

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