Why Buy an Aquasana Water Filter

Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. No matter what product you buy from Aquasana, it's very well tested.

They have sediment cartridges with them to ensure the filters don't get blocked up. The filters can remove pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramine, pathogenic organisms, and heavy metals.

Made and Tested to High Standards

Aquasana products are made in the USA and NSF certified. This is very important for customers if they're looking to have confidence and know all the necessary tests were done on these products.

NSF Certified

From International Leading Manufacturers

They're a leading manufacturer around the world so if you're moving forward and you go with an Aquasana water filter, you know the parts are always going to be there and there's good back up after sales, and services if needed. An excellent and stable company and they're going to be here for you in the long term and here through My Water Filter.

Leading Manufacturer

Easily Choose from a Range of Versatile Products

The Aquasana is a simple range of products but has something in every direction. The Aquasana Benchtops here come in different ranges and colours.

Aquasana benchtop filters

Great in apartments and flats or if you just want an easy connection and they're a bit stylish, and they look nice on the kitchen sink or the benchtop there.

Aquasana countertops and a sink

The Aquasana Shower Filters, We prefer that people buy this Aquasana shower filter over any of the shower filters that we sell. Alright, not sure if you can see, and you can look at the Aquasana shower filter on the page. See how it's configured and how it installs and how easy it is to just pull the cartridge off and change it when required. It's got a fantastic cartridge life, you can just see the size of it, the volume of media that's inside that thing.

Aquasana Shower Filters

NSF certified and still we tested them ourselves and works wonders. The undersink twin and triple model, has been around for years, an absolute beauty, and excellent test results.

Aquasana Triple Undersink

Phone App Support

With modern times, technology it now connects up with Bluetooth so you can watch how the filters are performing when the cartridge is wearing out.

Phone App Support with Bluetooth

Note that the benchtops and undersinks on the Aquasanas, they're not into removing fluoride from the water. So if you need fluoride in your water, then these benchtops and under sinks are a good way to go. The Reverse Osmosis Systems are there is you wish to remove the fluoride out of the water.

Aquasana Reverse Osmosis Undersink

Hitting the Neutral 7

The Aquasana Reverse Osmosis (RO), This system is it creates seven, neutral pH water. When water goes through an RO system, the mineral is removed so the pH of the water is going to plummet. When the pH is lowered, this system has a remineralizer on it and from based on studies, it's up there with the best in the world. It remineralises the water with lots of different minerals and it'll elevate the pH of the water back to about a neutral around a seven pH mark.

pH Neutral Seven Test

So it's not real high, but it's good water of what we're looking for and anything above seven is good to go by us. So that's it folks. The Aquasana water filters, have some confidence. They are okay, they're good to use.

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