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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and we're just having a quick look at the Ultrapure range of cartridges and just want to give you some confidence with the Ultrapure range, let you know why we like 'em, why we promote 'em, why we like our customers using 'em, okay? Straight off the bat, first reason is test results. They're made by a great company in England, KLT, they have third party testers, they give us the third party tests when they're done, so we can see what's being removed from the water and what they're good for, okay? The second reason is chloramine. Chloramine is a chemical that the government uses nowadays to sterilize the water.

Yes, they still use chlorine, but we got chloramine pumped into the water nowadays as well, and if you were to choose a normal old carbon block cartridge, or a Doulton Ultracarb or any of the name carbon block cartridges, unless it's specifically made for chloramines, and I'll tell you not many of them are, then you're still drinking that stuff and it's no good for ya, whereas this Ultrapure cartridge will take out 99.9% of that chloramine, all right? Very important. Okay, apart from that, it takes out bacteria, pathogenic organisms, 99.9999%, you just never see such good test results for pathogenic bacteria, no bugs, just gone, completely gone. They're a ceramic cartridge, the Ultrapure cartridge itself is a ceramic, so if it's ever used on its own in a single and it gets covered in muck on the outside, sediment blocking up, stuff like that, you can just take it out and scrub it.

You simply can't do that with a carbon cartridge. When it's blocked, it's blocked. But with one of these Ultrapure ceramics, take it out, scrub it under the kitchen sink tap, it'll just get all the stuff off the outside and you'll be good to go again, all right? Brings it back to life where we go again. There's a big range of products with the Ultrapure. The Ultrapure cartridge is so good, that we're able to move it around and use it with other cartridges to make better ranges, for government water, for tank water, even for bowl water that's got a low pH level, we can elevate it. Start using a triple system like this, we can take out the fluoride, we can put a sediment cartridge in the first cartridge if there's a lot of crap in the water so sediment, fluoride and in the Ultrapure for the city, or sediment and corosex and calcite to elevate the pH and then the Ultrapure cartridge, if you're on tank water or bowl water, that sort of thing. So it's an amazing cartridge, it's got a huge wide range of uses and we really do use it much as we can.

The price of these is very good for what you get and what it does, it's a great value for money, the filter, the housings are all QMP American Housing Certified, award-winning housings, no-treat rubbish. The cartridge, United Kingdom, and they come with our normal five-and-one guarantee, five years on the housings, one year on the parts, spouts, et cetera. They really are a good system. As you can see, under sink system's here, bench top system's here, come in both and you're good to go.

There's even an Ultrapure candle and that has even got better rest results than this Ultrapure cartridge, believe it or not, and the Ultrapure candle will go almost inside any bench top water filter so if you, the family, any of your friends have just got the old Gravity, so that's the Gravity urn that sits on the bench, or you can put an Ultrapure candle in the top of that and you'll have amazing test results with that as well. And just on that with the bench top, the Gravity filter bench top, if the Ultrapure cartridge doesn't fit it, sometimes it's just as simple as just filing the hole in the top out a little bit, make it at 12.5 mils and then the Ultrapure cartridge will fit in there for you beautiful. So if you're looking for something and you want to rely on it, look no further. These cartridges look after you, I promise. Thanks very much.