Where Does Your Water Come From?

Does it come from a water treatment plant kilometres away from your home? Or does it come from a hole in the ground? Maybe you collect it from a big water tank somewhere on your property?

No matter where your water comes from, it’s at risk of contamination, especially if it's from a government or council-run treatment plant - those are among the most contaminated options available. Surprise, surprise!

Luckily, ‘there’s an app for that!’


Bring In The Water Filters!

There are so many filter systems available. If you’re after an alternative high-end or sophisticated system, then you’ll find one for the household that wants their drinking and bathing requirements met in style.

However, if all you want is clean flowing taps from within your home with minimal maintenance required, then there is something perfect available for you as well.


4 Big Benefits of Having a Water Filter For Your Home

Water filters for your home are efficient and affordable, allowing you to be able to drink and bathe in the cleanest possible water you can without going broke.

You get to nurture your health, too, just the way nature intended it. Continue reading as we present 4 benefits to having a water filter for your home.

Safe Drinking Water For The Fam

When you’ve got the water flowing into the house that is already free of harmful contaminants, you can rest easy knowing your family’s health is protected.

There are many reasons you’d want to have a fluoride water filter, shower filter or even a drinking water filter - it’s good for your health!

What you drink goes into your body, and if it’s full of dirt, bacteria, metals, or god-forbid; chemicals.

Your body will feel it, even if you don’t realise it.


More Enjoyable Showering and Washing Experiences

The human body absorbs water in the shower just as much, if not more so than when we drink it.

Some people might think that their skin just repels all the contaminants from outside sources such as shower water but think again, the skin absorbs everything like a sponge, passing it through to your most internal organs and accumulating in the body over time.

A shower filter can also remove all of these harmful contaminants and even remineralise your skin with oils or Vitamin C!

You must get a whole house water filter if you want your clothes to be washed without chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.woman-having-bath

Appliances Last Longer and Save You Money

Protect your dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, kettle and all of your other appliances from limescale or soap scum build-up.

Harmful minerals and chemicals can pile up and create havoc in our pipework, affecting everything from faucets to washing machines - not only do they affect how long these things last but also what we drink!

All of these costs add up over time.


You Are Happier, Healthier and Stronger

You will have less dirt, bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals going into your body.

Think how much healthier you would be not having to force your body to detox your water.

Check out our article about Melbourne Drinking Water, and you will quickly see how grimy, slimy and yucky a simple sediment filter can get.

We think you should have a water filter for your home, but what do you think?


Is It Worth The Small Investment? 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We’re here to help.

Plus, when water tastes better, you'll drink more of it. This means that not only will your body be hydrated and have the energy needed for a productive day ahead but you also feel healthier too!

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