Is Melbourne Drinking Water Really Safe To Drink?

Have you wondered why your Melbourne drinking water tastes funny?

Or maybe it's been looking slightly cloudy and now the red flags are going off.

You might even suspect that there could be something wrong with how safe drinking water from your tap is.

Luckily for us (and your family), this article will tell you everything you need to know about your drinking water, so you can be sure your family’s health is fully protected.

Melbourne seems to have been a hot spot for a very fine sediment issue for many years.

Going back three years, we had a customer in Melbourne who was using a ceramic cartridge, and it was blocking up in 4 days, so he put 4 sediment cartridges in a row in front of it, and the sediment was still sneaking its way through.


Other customers who use the Ultraceram ceramic gravity cartridges have to scrub them every week to keep the flow rate up as they get that fine film of sediment covering the cartridge, slowing the water flow. So if people are not filtering out this sediment, it is blocking their bodies, and they are doing the filtering themselves.


What’s The Drinking Water Really Like In Melbourne?

Our Government does a lot to keep us safe from water-borne bacteria and viruses found in the water. But, with such a large number of people in this country, it's not easy!

Sediment, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, copper, and lead are some contaminants found in lab test results with Melbourne Tap Water.

That means that even if your drinking water looks clear, there may still be some risk for you.

Over time these chemicals can develop into harmful substances which attack our health or developmental abilities and change who we are as individuals. So always remember how important water filters really are!

Check out Water Contamination in Melbourne to learn more about the contaminants found in the drinking water and its risks.

Otherwise, tap water in Melbourne is one of the safest anywhere in Australia.

Melbourne Water has strict standards for quality and tests it frequently to ensure that it meets those specifications before passing on through treatment systems with disinfectants added (including chlorine).

Fluoride is also added to protect “to protect our teeth.” Don’t be fooled though, it comes at a cost to your health too (not to mention the chipping away of your brain cells, leading you open to external control).

Should you be worried about fluoride in your drinking water? There's a perfectly good answer for that.

Who on earth has time for that?

What should we do as Melbournians who drink this stuff day-in/day-out?

Bottled water may seem like an easy option at first but when considering all those plastic bottles getting thrown away or ending up in landfill sites after just one use - how about going for a water filter instead?

Our Recommendations for Melbourne Drinking Water


We highly recommend ALL water filters for Melbourne water have at least 1 x pre sediment filter; always use a triple, so it has a sediment cartridge in position 1.

You can use a whole house water filter out the front of the house to block the brunt of the sediment & then a smaller made for purpose drinking water filter inside for consumption.

Is it OK to drink tap water in Melbourne without a filter?

When it comes to Water Contamination, it's up to the people to ensure the water is safe to drink because the Government will only do the bare minimum.

You may take a glass of water right in the heart of Melbourne and think it tastes fantastic, and it may. But take a quick look at what we still commonly see from our customers when they send us pictures of their used water filter cartridges.


We believe everybody in Australia can create the best water they can, using a Water Filter, and the great news is, you can remove ALL of the below contaminants with a simple Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter.reasons-not-to-buy-a-water-filter

The right water filter will easily remove:

      • Chlorine
      • Fluoride
      • Arsenic
      • Copper
      • Lead
      • PESTICIDES and more!

Water Contamination Melbourne 2021

In 2001, Yarra Valley Water issued a notice for the people of Melbourne to avoid using their tap water after it was contaminated.

The suburbs involved were Sherbrooke, Kallista and The Patch. Residents were urged to drink bottled water and that boiling their water would offer no improvement.

Read more about it in Water Contamination in Melbourne.


Improve the Quality of Your Melbourne Drinking Water

You really need to use at least a 5-micron filter for Melbourne water as the 1- micron blocks up too fast.

We also sell an Aquasana Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in Melbourne that has a carbon cartridge in position 1 and we've also made a separate Pre Sediment filter to stop the sediment blocking up the RO system cartridges.

If good health is a high priority for you, then you’re in the right place!

When you take control of your water quality, the benefits are endless. Just think how much healthier and happier you will be when there’s no longer any chlorine or fluoride in your body.

Trust us - we have been helping people just like you for years!

If you’re after water filtration options, please don't hesitate to get in touch so that our team can help answer all questions regarding filtration systems & more importantly, give peace-of-mind knowing your family is drinking with confidence from a top brand name product made locally by experts who know precisely what they're doing every step along the way.

If you’d like to keep learning, continue with Why Buy A Water Filter In The City?

If you’ve got any questions, please contact us, we’d be delighted to help.

How Do You Rate the Tap Water in Your City?

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