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Water is a vital nutrient for our bodies and the complex systems within, which is why the type of water you are consuming is so important to your overall health and well-being. With the human body being composed of over 60% water, we believe that the quality of the water you drink is just as important as the quality of the food you eat. Installing water purifiers in your home helps remove chemicals and their flavours from your water, leaving you with the freshest, clean tasting water for your family.

Water filters and purifiers work by removing toxins, microbes and dangerous chemicals from the water you drink, leaving only the purest nourishing liquid for you to refuel your body. Water purifiers are available in many forms, which are tailored specifically to your home’s location and the kind of water you are treating. At My Water Filter, we offer a range of water filters to treat hard water, rain water, town water, and we have the best products to create your own  structured water, whether it is a simple sink filter or a purification system for your entire house. 

Quality water filtration does not stop with just your drinking water. Think about all other access points for water in your home. We offer a complete range of shower filters, filter systems for your bath, and we even look after your finned friends with filtration systems for your home aquarium. No matter what kind of water filters you need for your home, My Water Filter has the right design for you.

Investing in water purifiers for your home enables you to have access to the cleanest and purest drinking water available, without the need to buy it encased in a plastic bottle. At My Water Filter, we believe that our water filters can help you to create better water at home than you could ever get in a plastic bottle, saving you time and money whilst lessening your environmental impact in the process.

Access to a complete range of easy-to-follow home installation guides in our online learning centre enables us to deliver clean water to homes all around Australia. With free delivery around the country, there has never been a better time to begin the process of delivering clean water to your family with the complete range of water purifiers at My Water Filter. Recharge your body with the cleanest version of this vital nutrient and install the best water filters for your home today. 

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Customer Success Stories

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Ethan

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Ethan

My name is Ethan. I'm a health and wellness coach and also a father of two kids. Two and four years old and a husband. I am absolutely passionate about health 

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Simon

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Simon

My name's Simon. I'm from Brisbane. We're actually based in Fortitude Valley, near the city. I'm a university teacher at one of the local universities. And, love spending time in the water.

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Conrad

My Water Filter Customer Success Story: Conrad

Hi my name is Conrad. I'm from Brisbane and I live in Brisbane. And I'm interested in health and exercise as well as being a web developer. So I've got a bit of a mixed background.

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