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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what I'd like to do is introduce you to the new Elita Pure bench top water filter made by Alkaviva and it is a little beauty. The main thing that I like about this filter is that it does have good filtration but it also can enhance the pH level of the water. So as you can see, it comes in black, it's a very sleek sort of design, nice to be on the kitchen bench and that sort of stuff, and it's an absolute beautiful design. You can see it comes with a really good book and you can just flick through the book at your own pace and it has really good instructions, diagrams, and images, and everything in there on how to assemble it, put it together, that sort of thing.

Well packaged, comes in a nice box, got good padding on the inside of the box to protect the filter. It has very good filtration and test results. Generally most of the test results are 99.9%. It's basically doing about 172 contaminants, all of our normal stuff, our chlorines, chloramines, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, bugs are taken care of with this system. It doesn't remove the fluoride. So if you want fluoride out, this is possibly not for you, but if you're all right with the fluoride, and you'd like an easy system to use, then this is a really good one. Easy to change the cartridge and stuff like that. It has a light on it, so it's generally a 12-month cartridge replacement, the same as any other water filter, but it does have a good light on the back here, and if you do use up the filter within that time, the light will come on and alert you that it's time to replace the cartridge.

As you can see there's a couple of batteries here, you can insert it inside the system, we'll show you how to install those with the cartridge replacement video. If you get the pH elevation model, obviously you'll get some pH test liquid there and you can do a little pH test to see where the alkalinity level is on the system. As I said, it's a bench top model so it comes with a normal diverter and the hose and some extra fittings here depending on whether you've got a male or a female tap faucet attachment. And obviously here's the cartridge, it's a beautiful nice big cartridge, and it goes into the back of the system. I'll quickly show you how it goes into the system just so you can get a look at it.

Then we might leave you from there. So there's just a couple of buttons on either side and the back just simply comes off. Now this is the beauty of this filter and this is why we like it so much. As you can see, there is a cap, the cap will come off the top, you basically sit the filter in the back there, there's just this little lever here, and we just get that lever and pull it around and it locks the cartridge in, and it's simple as that. That's how you change the cartridge. It is just one of the easiest cartridge replacements that you'll ever see. Cartridge out, slide it the back, grab this lever at the bottom here, lock him on, cartridge is on. Back's on, cartridge is changed. Very, very easy, so if you're maybe elderly people or anything like that that want a very easy, simple-to-change cartridge, this could be something for you. Take a look at it and have a look at the other videos on the cartridge replacement, etc. And any questions or if we can help you in any way, then give us call. Thank you very much.