[VIDEO] How to change the cartridge in your Sprite Original Hand Held Shower Handle

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Good day, folks. Rod, from My Water Filter, here today, and what we're going to have a look at is the Sprite Hose Shower Filter, and we're going to change the cartridges in it, okay. So, when you purchase your replacement cartridges, this is how they come. Retail package, two in a pack, and they will last about three months each, so it's a nice So you just get two of those cartridges, they're going to go straight into the shower head handle, and provide you with beautiful, clean, chlorine-free water, all right.

So, this is the pack, and it says "certified", and very well packaged, all the way from the USA, okay. So, what we'll do, is do a cartridge change right here for you now, okay. All we're going to do is, simply, the water's off, obviously, pull the shower handle out, undo the hose, okay. Undo the handle off the head, okay.

And there you have it, all right, not much to it. Very effective, works beautifully well, okay. Inside, is the cartridge that we were just looking at, okay. So, we're just basically going to pull that cartridge out. Okay. Pull him out. Good catch. These Sprite ones, here, will last for three months, to make it perform better and last longer and work to the maximum to the end of their lifetime. You can turn them over, okay, so if you got to jump in the shower one day, and the month is up, pull it out, turn it over, put it back in.

When the time's up, and you go to replace your cartridge, simple thing, get the double twin pack that I was talking about, pull one of the cartridges out, pull it apart, drop it in, screw it up. It's got a nice o-ring there. You can read the instructions on the packet, it tells you to use a bit of petroleum jelly to seal the o-ring and keep it in good condition. And, screw it back on. And, it really is as simple as that, folks. It just don't get any easier than this. Simple, simple, simple.

Tighten your hose, tight as you can, slide it back in the slot, then you're good to go. Thank you.

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