Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. Now what we're going to do, just going to have a little chat about prices to install water filters, okay. Bit of a range alright. Now if you just going to get a gravity filter that sits on your bench top. I'm sure yourself or your friend can handle the instructions, have a look at their videos, and put it together yourself. It sits on the benchtop and you tip water in the top. Pretty easy and it's not going to cost anything to install.

Very, very similar with a benchtop, single, twin, or a triple. It's got a diverter, we remove the aerator off the end of the kitchen sink spout, the diverter goes on, water flows into the sink as normal. Turn the diverter when you want the water at the filter. That's not going to cost too much at all other okay. Generally most people can simply install their own diverters on their own kitchen tap spout. When are costs going to start? Is when we need a plumber and we got to get underneath the sink. We got to start getting into the pipework. Undoing the kitchen sink cold tap line and putting the TPC in and installing a little water filter under the bench.

Regardless of the size of the water filter, if it's just a normal, mechanical filtration water filter, which is this style. These are mechanical filters. The water passes through, the cartridge inside holds the debris and contamination back as it goes through, and the good water flows out. If you're going to install something like this under your sink, I'd expect you maybe pay an installer about the 120 mark.

Bigger, capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, might be up to the 160 mark. I'd expect them to drill a hole in the sink for you at that price as well, okay. Try and get a plumber who's close to you or use one of our plumbers, whatever happens, just to cut down on the travel because traffic, capitol cities nowadays, take longer to get to a job then can to install the water filter. For the simple, under-sink water filter and you'll have it done in less than an hour.

So it's not a, no lengthy process at all. And it shouldn't be a costly one either. And the benefits to your health just far outweigh. So well worth the dollars to do that. Then if you're going for a whole house, whether it's a triple like this one, a twin, big gold carp, whatever it might be, normally I'd tell the customers to allow for about 500 dollars, alright. I can't fix it at that. If you've got a house and it's just all concreted around the house. The plumber can't find any pipework. Then when he does find it, it's going to be a jackhammer or digging up the concrete, that sort of thing. That's when it can escalate and it can cost you more.

But normally, about the 500 dollars will cover the water filter installation, few bends, elbows, on/off bowl valves on either side, all of those thrown in should be around the 500 dollar mark. So it pays to shop around. I have heard of people trying to quote thousands of dollars to do a simple install for a water filter so just try a couple of plumbers and see what you can come up with. Cause it's very simple for a plumber to install a water filter.

Just tex screws the system onto the house and the water flows through it. The system's already built and the system does what treats the water. So the plumber just got to flow the water through it, okay. So 500 dollars is a bit of a budget, even price to keep an eye on and that you should be good to go. Drinking water filters under the sink, reverse osmosis drinking water filters under the sink. Little bit different kettle of fish.

You've got the tank and a little bit extra fiddling around and connecting up. So I'd allow up to 200 dollars to have a reverse osmosis water filter installed under the sink. Once again, I'd expect that the hole could be drilled right into the bench top and you'll be good to go. So gravity's free, do it yourself. Little attach onto the kitchen sink tap, do it yourself, get a friend to help. Twin under sinks, triple under sinks, single under sinks, 120 to 160 dollars.

Reverse osmosis, up to 200, big, whole house, maybe up to 500, okay, thank you.