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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, And what we're gonna do is just have a quick chat about what can you do, how can you create the best the best water that you can in your own home, at home, in your apartment, or wherever it may be, okay? And there is a couple of things to note, and there is different water filters for different purposes on your home or on your unit, and they have got limits as to what they can actually achieve for you and what they can do.

Okay, so, the first thing is, water's coming from the government, it's had copious amounts of chemicals thrown into it, and the water, while it's still wet, it's not in its best condition. It's lacking oxygen, generally. The uh, the molecular structure, so the the molecules in the water, has locked up together, all clustered together, and it's on its way to your home, okay?

Obviously, it's still full of a lot of chemical as well. Now when the water comes to the home, a lot of people, especially if they have businesses, are on the phone every single day. Itchy, scratchy, the chlorine's just attacking them, the chloromide's attacking them, whatever it might be. So the ultimate way is, without a doubt, is to put a whole-house water filter on your house, okay? Yes, there's different styles and sorts. I like these ones. The reason for that is: water filtration is getting better all the time, new cartridges are coming on to the market and with these styles here, whenever a new cartridge comes on the market, the next year when you go to upgrade your cartridge, you can step up to a better cartridge if you like to achieve more or take more contaminants out or whatever it might be, okay? So, the situation is, though, with the whole house, it's not just set and forget, and all of a sudden we're laughing.

It really comes down to what you want to take out of the water, okay? If it's just the chlorine, and you want to have a beautiful shower, nice water for the washing machine, when you go to the kitchen sink and you turn the tap on, if you're washing spaghetti and rice and stuff like that and you want the chlorine gas smell gone, whole-house water, perfect. Water filter, perfect. The water will go through sediment carbon, carbon'll strip the chemicals in the chlorine out, and you'll have beautiful water throughout your whole home, okay? No ifs or buts about it.

Now if you want to step up from there, and just remember, they're normally about five microns we run on these cartridges at the moment, okay? So we get a full at least 12 months out of them, and they are going to contain most of the garbage that we want them to trap out of the water, alright? Now, if you've got the whole house on, beautiful. We're looking good. Flowing on from there, if you want to have the best drinking water you can have as well, then you need to get something preferably with test results, okay?

Or else you just don't even know what that filter's doing. Might just take the chlorine out and make the water taste nice. But if you want the heavy metals and the fluoride out, currently these systems just aren't doing it, because there isn't cartridges available that actually work. There's a couple of companies that'll suggest they've got fluoride removal for whole-house, be aware that they're still coming, okay? The situation here is that this will stop the chlorine, et cetera no worries.

Now let's say, as I spoke before, the molecular structure, of that water, it's all locked-up together, and we want to break it up, and we want to create restructured, revitalized water that allows oxygen in, water that actually cleanses itself as nature intended, and there's other devices here that we can step up to for that. So, I'll start with the easiest device. So this is the Limetron Water Conditioner, so if you're gonna use a whole-house, and you've got limescale, so you've got dirty shower glass, you got white staining throughout the home, and inside your pipes and your hot water system, et cetera, they are really gonna be blocking up with limescale. So this is the Limetron. This is a cheap, easy little device. This is the size for an Australian home, half-inch with three-quarter ends, and that just gets installed on this end here before the water filter.

The water comes through, the water's treated, it'll stop the calcium and magnesium precipitating out of the solution, which means sticking to everything, and it just makes it nice and soft, and all the garbage goes down the uh, well, the mineral goes down the drain. The second device that we can use on our whole home, which is sort of budget-priced, and reachable for most people and families, is the Home Edge Kinetic Energizer. Now, inside here is a series of rudders.

And basically, as the water goes through, same as when it runs through a stream, across pebbles and rocks on a stream or a river, that's how this device works. It's basically smashing and crashing and breaking up the water in the structure, and it just smashes it to bits, and once again, you get a much finer water with the molecular structure broken up as it comes out the other end. Much better for your body, it's easier to be hydrated, because your body can now absorb the water, being finer. And it'll also help to keep the inside of your pipes clean as well, okay?

Stepping up from there, to the grand-daddy of them all, is this Grander device here. I've never seen anything as magnificent as Grander. The way that they work is off the signal of the pure Grander information water, and if you put a Grander device with a whole-house device, I can't tell you of any way to have better water than that. It's just the ultimate water that we can create nowadays, okay? So this device here will send a signal through all the water pipes in your home, it's not electrical, it doesn't use power, it's all natural, and it works off the signal of the pure water contained in this device. We cover it in beeswax or petroleum jelly once it's installed on the side of the home near the filter, and it gets a cover put over it, and that thing will last forever. You can basically pass it down to your children.

And this is the best water that I've ever seen created from a device that doesn't require electricity or anything. So it's quite remarkable, the Grander, okay? But once again, if you put the whole-house on, those products there will take care of the whole house. You put the Grander on, you won't need anything. It just changes the state of the water, and it's the best way you're gonna get supplied government water or or waterboard water, with chemicals and chlorine, et cetera, thrown in there, this Grander device is the best way to break it up, and it's permanent, it's permanent. So it's natural, from nature, and it breaks up the water, and that will hold and last, and it's just continuous. It'll last forever, okay?

If you get the whole-house, but we still wanna look at some drinking water, okay? You can see here, we got a single Undersink system there, and I'll just shift this one out the road, and we just got a triple Benchtop water filter system here, okay? Now, it's normally the fluoride and the chloromide, and some of the heavy metals, et cetera, that just aren't being taken out that you just don't want to be consuming those.

You definitely do not want to be consuming any chemicals at all, okay? So, the difference is, with the whole-house water filter here, the water's flowing through this 20, 30, 40 liters a minute, and at that speed, we're just not able to take out the same contamination that we can when we get it to the point of use under the sink.

These filters here are running at three liters a minute, okay? Big difference: 30, 40, to three. When we slow it down to three, we've got fantastic water filters, we've got fantastic water filters with test results from third-party certification testers, okay? So we know what they do, and you can be confident when you buy one that you know that you are getting good water. Yes, you'll be able to taste it, but to get all of the nasties out, you really need to have a form of test results to know what it's actually doing for you, okay? So, hand in hand, Undersink system, and a whole-house, or a Benchtop, could be a gravity filter that fits up on the bench,

Ultrapure candle in it, they all do a perfect job at removing the nasties for drinking water, okay? So if you had a home, or a small property that you're able to access the pipework outside that you're able to get to, no worries at all, and obviously if it's your own home, okay? Then I guess it takes us to the next stages if you're renting, because to try and put a system like this on a whole-home, or to put an Undersink system on a whole home, big, big ask, you know? You'd want to be very friendly with the landlord, that's all I can say. So it's really not where I'd advise anybody to go, okay? If you're renting and that's what you do, someone might rent forever, so you want to buy something that you can use forever, that you can take from home to home, that sort of thing. So renters and people living in units and apartments is a pretty similar gig, in that you can't get to the outside with a big whole-house like this. So, what we would suggest is creating the best water that you can inside, okay?

Now, ways to do that, is uh, shower filters, okay? The Sprites are fantastic, the Aquasana is a fantastic world-wide brand, the Vitamin Shower's fantastic at neutralizing the chlorine, and ladies seem to love this one a lot. A shower filter will definitely take chlorine out. Softer skin, softer hair, all the stuff, stops all the itching and scratching, shower filters definitely work. Um, this one here, is the Grander universal. Now, what you can do with this one here is connect it straight onto the wall, where the wall-fitting is for your shower, okay? And this will perform the same as the Grander whole-house. So if you want a beautiful, this is gonna be the grandest shower you'll ever have, I kid you not. So, soft water, restructured, revitalized water, closest thing to showering in the rain, I guess, and this is a really amazing device.

These can actually have a T-piece put on them, so you can actually collect water out of this for drinking. You can even have a T-piece in a pipe going down, I know it's a bit wild in the shower, but you can connect this up with the water filter in your shower to create the best water that you like as well. So if you're in a unit, you can connect the Grander onto your shower, you get beautiful shower water, you can have a T-piece, you can run a T-piece down to a filter like these, many different filters, because it's just a quarter-inch pipe that connects to the filters. So you can run your water through the Grander, you run it through a water filter, and even though you're in an apartment or you're renting, you're still creating the best water that you can at home, okay?

Also, if you didn't want to connect in a unit or something like that, in any way or if the connection at the end of your tap wasn't the best connection, and it wouldn't fit one of the diverters, or fit one of these filters, there's always free-standing bench-top gravity filters, where you just fill up the top tank, and then the water filters down and collects in the bottom tank. They all have good cartridges nowadays, especially the Ultrapure range, so if you just have a look at the test results, it'll tell you all about it and tell you what exactly that cartridge will achieve for you. And if you've got any other questions, then just give us a call. Gives you a bit of an overview on what's available, and it can definitely take more than one filter at some stage to create the best water for you that it can, but have a look, and I hope it helps out, and if you need help in any way, give us a yell. Thanks very much.

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