Do I Really Need a Shower Filter?

Many Aussies know full well about the benefits of water filtration for drinking water. But many are still yet to discover the excellent benefits of treating their shower water too!

Even the most negligible amounts of chlorine in your shower water are enough to stick to your skin and hair, stripping them of natural oils and disrupting the microbiome (the natural bacteria) in your skin and hair. 

Signs You Need a Shower Filter

      1. Dry, irritated skin (leads to premature aging - wrinkles)
      2. Dry, brittle, or unnaturally frizzy hair.
      3. Dry or red eyes.
      4. Scaley or itchy scalp. 
      5. Flare-ups in existing conditions like eczema, rosacea or psoriasis (especially in young children and infants).
      6. Scale on the shower glass.
      7. Difficulty breathing in the shower.
      8. Smelly shower water.
      9. Feeling tired, lethargic or light heading or dizzy after you get out of the shower.

In some cases, general exposure to chlorine in the shower can lead to a decline in cognitive function for a short period while your body detoxes the chlorine. Other things people noticed include fatigue, mental stress and lowered immune function.

What Options Do You Have?

Install A Whole House Water Filter

A Whole House Water Filter will treat all contaminated water, removing chlorine before it enters the home, immediately preventing many of the challenges listed above.

Understandably, a Whole House Water Filter may not be affordable for everyone, so there are some cheaper alternatives: 

Install a Shower Head Filter

A Shower Filter contains carbon, which effectively removes chlorine and treats all of the contaminants we are talking about!

At My Water Filter, we offer solutions for your shower water issues no matter where you are in Australia. 

Our Top 3 Shower Filters

1. Aquasana Premium Shower Filter

Starting with the best, we highly recommend an Aquasana Premium Shower Filter. 

Even the best water filter only costs $129.99. 

Learn more about the Aquasana Shower Filter.

2. Vitamin Shower

The Vitamin Shower works great with mounted and hand-held shower head designs and isn’t affected by water temperature, quality or pressure. 

It’s very easy to install and can be done in a matter of minutes. 

For $110 you can’t go wrong; we’ll even deliver for free. 


Learn more about Vitamin Shower. 

3. Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower

This is the one I use at home, and it smells magnificent. It’s one of the most luxurious shower filters on the market today. 

This beauty eliminates 99.99% of chlorine in water, prevents damages to the skin and hair, and helps eliminate bacteria and odour in the water.

Learn more about the Aroma Sense Q Vitamin Shower

On a tight budget?

If you’re on a tighter budget, we recommend the Chrome Shower Filter to get you started. 


It removes dust and dirt, turbidity, micro-organisms, rust, heavy metal ions and toxins, bacteria, odour, chlorine, iron oxides and hydrogen sulphate. 

Also, the natural stones charge the water to help drain toxins from the body, lessen inflammation and boost the immune system.

Not sure which option is right for you? Check out Shower Filter VS Whole House Water Filter.

Learn more about Shower Filtration

Be sure to check out our collection of Shower Filters and read all about what they can do for you. 

If you need help selecting the right one, we are only a phone call away. 

Please contact us if you have any questions at all; we’d be delighted to help.

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