[VIDEO] How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter Housing

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're going to do is just complete the install for the under-sink water filter, okay? Now, I'm going to use a little single-stage here. It doesn't matter if it's a single-stage, a twin, or a triple, alright? They're all going in the same. There's two screws to hold the bracket at the top up under the cupboard wall, and then, we're, basically, connecting our under-sink kit through the pressure-limiting valve into the inlet side of the filter. The water will get filtered, single, twin, or triple, the water will flow out the other side, and it will come out of the faucet, okay?

So, as you can quickly see here, what we've already done is installed the faucet on the top which is connected with a white hose, and here's the white hose here for the faucet. And underneath the sink here, we've got the under-sink installation T-piece, and that has already got the hose on it, ready to go over to where we're gonna install our filter. So pretty easy, but make sure that you're safe, nothing in your way. Not gonna get injured in any way. Okay. And the first thing we're gonna do is get the filter and put it up into position. Now, what is gonna happen when you change your cartridge, you're gonna screw the bottom off, okay?

And when you screw the bottom off, then you've got to take it down a little bit and be able to bring it out of your cupboard, alright. So you need an extra 30 centimeters of pipe, and a minimum of 30 centimeters, millimeters, sorry; 30 millimeters underneath the filter so you can drop it down to take it out, alright? So we're gonna make sure we get him up high enough. So I've just got a texter here. We're gonna hold it in position, put a couple of marks, and then, we'll drill a hole to put our screws in, okay? So first thing you're gonna do, slide him in here underneath the sink, hold him in position, and I've got plenty under my fingers, as you can see. So I'll just hold him into position where I want to install him and just put a little mark. Beautiful. Okay, so now we know where we're going, okay?

What I'm gonna do here today, I've got a couple of screws that come with the filter. But I'm not just gonna put the screws straight in. I've just got a little pilot hole here and I'll just put a couple of little drill holes there first, okay? Okay. It just makes it a bit easier to get it all screwed in. Alright, basically, I've got the tech down here, and we'll screw him in, okay? One in there. It's supposed to have a magnet on there. Righty-o. She's now mounted and sitting into position, okay? We can take our water inlet hose coming from our T-piece. We will cut him to length. Don't need any crazy amount of cable in the cupboard. So I'm just gonna nip him off to length.

And this is the pressure-limiting valve and he's part of the installation kit, and we do recommend that people use him to stop any sudden surges of water pushing onto the system. And we're, basically, just gonna put the hose for the incoming water, push up into there one and a half centimeter. Once it's installed into place, on with our red clip. Spin him around, make sure it's locked on there tight and proper. Beautiful, which he is, okay. Then, we've got the hose coming from the water inlet. We'll turn that on in a minute. The water's flowing through, up into the filter, fill up the housing, penetrates through the cartridges, whether it's one, two, or three cartridges.

Then, the water's going to come out the other side. So we'll just pull our red clip off the top there. We'll cut our hose to length, what we require, and we'll connect the faucet to the outflowing side of the water filter. Okay, and you don't want it to be in the way of anything else. Get it right at the back of the cupboard out of the way as best we can. Okay. And it's gonna go up into the top there, okay? Once again, you push him in one and a half centimeters. I'm gonna bring that one up over the top there, actually. It might be a bit neater there. Push him in. It's got him. Just making sure that that red clip is clipped under the collar properly. Can you spin him around to make sure it's connected properly. The hose is good to go, and everybody's happy. Alright. And, basically, we're done. That's us. The under-sink filter is connected. We've got the incoming water line, water coming in, coming out at the top of our hose. Hose is coming all the way back out over to our faucet, and our system's installed, okay? Thanks very much.

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