[VIDEO] How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

Whether you live in the city and plan on getting a plumber to complete your installation, or you’re out on a farm, this guide will help you successfully install your Whole House Triple Water Filter.

Check Over Your Product

The first thing we want to do is unpack the filter, look at it, and make sure it has made its way to us in one piece.

Couriers can sometimes do some damage from time to time. However, this also gives you the chance to check that the person who packed the water filter for you has included the correct parts, and you've got everything to start.

If you're in the city and you've got a plumber booked to install your system, have a look at it first to make sure you've got all the parts before the plumber comes along. There's nothing worse than getting him called out, and then when he gets there, it's missing a part.

Mount Your System To The Wall

You need to bolt your system down to prevent any damage to it.

Cyclones, storms, or even the extra weight of the system can cause issues if your unit isn’t fixed. This unit is responsible for the water you are using every single day, you don’t want it bursting. There is no convenient time for something like that.

Be Sure To Install a Bypass

When you look at our installation instructions, you'll notice that there's a bypass, and we highly recommend it.

If your filter ever needs repairing, or you would like to dose your whole house with chlorinated city water (which can be helpful in some circumstances), it helps to have a mechanism that can bypass the whole house water filter.

This is super handy when you’re changing the cartridges every year.

Follow The Steps to Complete your Installation

      1. Assess the location where the whole house big blue filter system will be installed. Look for a desirable position where the filter can be fixed securely. The whole house big blue filter system bracket has 2 x holes to attach it onto the wall.
      2. Fix the water filter onto the wall or frame with strong screws or bolts. It is preferred that the whole house big blue filter system is mounted on a house wall. If mounted onto a frame, concrete the frame into the ground securely.
      3. Ensure the whole house big blue filter system is fixed to a strong structure as it will be heavy when full of water and you need to make it strong enough to handle very bad weather conditions like cyclones etc.
      4. Set up the whole house big blue filter to match the flow direction. The caps are marked “In” and “Out” on the top of the housing or from left to right. These systems come pre-assembled. However, if your flow direction is right to left, the bracket must be removed from the system and needs to be turned around 180 degrees then reconnected.
      5. The inlet plumbing will be attached to the “In” port on the filter system. The outlet plumbing from the whole house big blue filter system will be attached to the distribution system via the “Out” port. A bypass pipe and shutoff valve, Inlet and Outlet shutoff valves and gauges may be installed at this time. Note: Do not use sealants on any of the threads as this will expand and will cause cracks and will damage the whole house black caps. Please only use thread tape.
      6. After complete installation, do not open the valve on the mains yet, fully open an outside tap nearest to the whole house big blue filter system first.
      7. Slowly open the valve on the mainline and let the whole house big blue filter system fill with water. Once full, water will flow out of the opened tap nearest the water filter. Allow the water to flow for 10 minutes before use. Initially, black carbon water will flow out from the tap, so you might want to collect the first black water flowing from the filter into a bucket as it will be very black carbon water.
      8. Once the whole house big blue filter system is filling with water, push the red air bleeder buttons on top of the filter housings to release any air trapped inside the whole house big blue filter system. This will ensure that no air pockets are trapped inside.
      9. Check the housing for leaks and repair as necessary.


ONLY use plumbers thread tape.

Sealants are prone to expanding after the water filter is connected and can crack the inlet & outlet ports, and they will start to leak within a day or so.

This could void your warranty and ruin your system.

Please advise the plumber or installer that sealants cannot be used in any form. Instead, you must only use Thread Tape.

Installing the Gauges

Please take care when installing the gauges; apply plumbers thread tape only to the gauge thread. When tightening, take extra care that the threads do not cross. Tighten gauges until tight, and if any gauge threads seem to be a tight fit, simply turn the gauge forward as far as possible without too much force, then turn the gauge back the other way to untighten, then turn the gauge forward again until you have the gauge installed as required.

DO NOT use any form of sealants on the gauge threads.​​


Water Flow Direction

Please note: These water filters are set up to flow the water from left to right. If you want the water filter to flow the other way, you will be required to remove the bracket, turn it around 180 degrees and refit the bracket so once installed, the complete water filter housing is setup correctly.

As we always say, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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