Surprising Reasons You Need A Shower Water Filter

If you’re concerned about the quality of water you’re putting IN your body, you should also be mindful about the quality of water you put ON your body. 

The human body absorbs water in the shower just as much, if not more so than when we drink it.

Some people might think that their skin can handle all the contaminants from outside sources such as tap supply but think again, the skin absorbs everything like a sponge, passing it through to your most internal organs and accumulating in the body over time. 

A shower filter can remove all of these problems and more, continue reading to find out how.

What Is A Shower Water Filter?

A shower water filter is a simple solution to fix many hair and skin problems that are created by contaminants such as chlorine and chlorine gas in your shower water. 

Much like drinking water filters, these devices effectively remove chlorine and chloramine gas from your shower water so you can be sure your family’s health is properly protected. 

Water Filter Comparison - Whole House Water Filter Vs. Shower Filter


Reasons You Need A Shower Water Filter

Here are the top reasons you should start removing these chemicals from your water using a shower water filter: 

Healthier Skin


While most public water is treated with chlorine to target pathogens, it often leads to redness or flakiness if you're sensitive; and even worse for those who are already struggling with existing skin challenges. 

A shower filter is the perfect solution to this common problem. 

Healthier, Silkier and Smoother Hair


Your skin isn’t the only part of you body to be irritated by chemicals in your shower water. 

Chlorine is a drying agent, and when we take showers with chlorinated water our hair can become brittle, and frizzy - not what it should feel like after getting clean after a long hard day. 

Chlorine is also a no go for color treated hair​​ because it bonds with the artificial color and draws it out.

Sprite Shower Pure Shower Filters - Product Spotlight

Better Overall Health


More chlorine enters the body through dermal absorption than through regular drinking water. When hot water runs over your skin, the pores open up and let the water into your cells, chemicals and all.

Chlorine byproducts cause damage to your body's cells, and are highly carcinogenic. Some studies show similar effects as those from extensive sun exposure!

Other things you may notice:

      • Dry or irritated skin
      • Rashes
      • Dizziness in or when exiting the shower
      • Eye irritation
      • Irritated sinuses or airways due to inhalation of chlorine vapor/gas

    Saves You Money


    In addition to the many health benefits you’ll enjoy when using a shower filter, you’ll notice your utilities bills improve as well. Since many shower filters improve water flow, you’ll notice not only savings on water bills, but also on power bills, if you’re using an electricity based hot water system.

    It’s Your Call


    Shower heads are a great way to keep your family safe! 

    Some people may think that they aren't worth the money or hassle, but I would argue just the opposite. A shower head filter will help you avoid absorbing dangerous toxins while also protecting you and the family from inhaling them.

    Discover the best Shower Filter For You, and contact us if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.