Gold Carb with Limetron Home Edge & Grander Guide

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here. This is a guide to installing the Limetron, the HomeEdge, or the Grander device with the Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter System.

The Installation Process

The first piece is the Bracket; this holds the Pre-filter and screwed to a surface.

Gold Carb Bracket

Bracket locked on top of the Gold Carb screws

There's a couple of bolts on the top and that's just going to bolt onto that bracket and locked on the top and there's your bracket to fix it onto a wall.

Sediment Cartridge for Earthy Residues in the Water

Opening the Pre-filter housing, it spins off the bottom then the housing will come off from the top. There's a 2.5” x 20” string wound sediment cartridge inside.

20 x 2.5 String Wound Sediment Cartridge

The cartridge takes the lumps, bumps and dirt out of the water and stops the sediments from filling up inside the Goldcarb. There's arrows on the top of the pre-filter showing you the direction of flow and placed on the right way.

Direction of flow

After the arrow, on either end, there are the inlets and outlets. These are three-quarter BSP thread, very common in Australia.

BSP thread

Water comes in through the sediment cartridge, and then the water is going to flow straight into the Goldcarb.

water flows to through the goldcarb

The Goldcarb uses a three-quarter-inch hole. This hole is where the water pipe plugs into, from the cartridge.

Gold Carb three quarter thread

Limetron for chemical issues

If you've got chlorine, chemical issues, whatever it might be that's going to solve them. If you've stepped up from there and you have hard-water problems in your area, you should go for the Limetron.

Gold Carb with Limetron Set-up

The Limetron works best when placed between the Pre-filter and the Goldcarb because the Pre-filter catches the sediment, avoiding trapped dirt in the Limetron. It's an in-line system, it connects into the water pipe, and the water flows through it. It's got three-quarter inch connections on each end. That's what you'll need to be compatible with the rest of the system here.

The inside of this pipe is 16 millimetres. The inside of normal three-quarter inch pipe in Australia is 17 millimeters, there's only one millimeter difference. It won't stop the water flow, it won't create any issues with pressure. We've been selling them in this country over two years so they're good to go on half inch, three-quarter inch ends perfect for the Australian home.

Home Edge for purified and energised water

If you want to take it up one more level, or you might not have gone for the Limetron, you might just go for the Home Edge. You might just want to break the water up and create more purified and energised water in the home. Or you might be pairing this with the Limetron. I would treat it exactly the same as we treated the Limetron.

Home edge

We'd have the water coming in. Water can go through the pre-filter, take all the lumps and bumps here. Then run it through the Home Edge to open up the molecular structure and thoroughly breaks up the garbage trapped inside the molecules. This filter here can take out as much contamination as possible.

Home Edge breaks up the garbage trapped in the water molecules

Pairing the Limetron and the Home Edge

The Limetron and Home Edge with the Goldcarb. This configuration is highly recommended when you are experiencing hard water in the area. Our water gets so many chemicals thrown in it. You need to do everything you can to create the best water you can.

This system makes great water, no doubt about it. So if you've got the hard water, let's run it in, we can run it through the sediment, run it through the Limetron.

Gold Carb with Limetron and Home Edge Setup

We'll break up and treat the mineral in the water, then we run it down through the Goldcarb system and then out the other side through the Home Edge and then into the home. Sediment, through the Limetron, through the big Goldcarb, fire it up on the other side once it's filtered and then we put beautiful, revitalised water back into your home.

Grander, Permanently Structures & Revitalises your water

There's just one more device to add that will be beneficial, and this is the best of the lot. The Grander, you'll often hear us talk about it. It has improved our customer’s health.


With the Grander on, we would run the water in through the sediment filter to clean up the lumps and dirt. And then run it through the Home Edge then through the Goldcarb and then we have the Grander. And that's to give us the softest water.

The Grander produces a signal that passes through all your water pipes. The frequency in the signal travels very fast and treats the minerals in the water throughout your home’s water pipelines.

These devices are life changing. Sediment, the big Goldcarb, and then the whole house Grander device. Beautiful restructured, revitalized Grander water.

Gold Carb with Grander Setup

Share this with your local plumber. Any questions, surely I can give you a hand. Any good plumber is capable of connecting pipework through these and fixing them onto the house. The big Goldcarb does come with straps and use it onto the house so it won’t accidentally fall over. We've been selling these for a couple of years, and they work great. Grander has been around 40 years. Limetron's been around 50 years so you can have confidence in these products. Get them into your home. Save yourself some money. Enjoy beautiful water in the house, there's nothing better.

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